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    Found this from poster MJS_Orlando on another site and added some more info

    The following will export all your contacts to a .vcf file which you will then copy to your computer and use to import into Gmail or whatever client you choose. WebOS "should" link the duplicates, but if not it's easy enough to delete the Palm profile contacts.

    • Open phone dialer on PRE or Pixi
    • Type ##66623#
    • the CelleBrite export tool will pop up. Click on Export
    • This creates the export file (.vcf)….The more contacts you have the longer it takes
    • Connect your USB cable to the computer and also to the PRE when it prompts you to do so.
    • Tap USB mode on your Pre
    • On your computer, Click on the icon for your Pre (in either Finder or Windows Explorer)
    • If you're using a Mac, you have to be able to view hidden files (I recommend Path Finder for this but there are plenty of other tools)
    • Find the folder called .temp and open it (if you don't see a temp folder on Windows then click options-->view and choose 'show hidden files' then OK)
    • You will find a file called PmMigration.vcf
    • Drag to your documents folder on your computer (or a folder of your choice)
    • Use this file to import your contacts into Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook
    • When you’re done Eject your Pre or safely remove hardware and then disconnect Pre
    • Your done….
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    This was posted here back in June:
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    Ahh, I see. The reason my search didn't find it is that the OP of that thread incorrectly states that it makes a .CSV file which it does not. It makes a .VCF file. Either way, hopefully this will be helpful for some. This is clearly an issue for many since there are many threads on the Palm support forum asking how to do this.

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