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    this is getting really frrustrating. Whenever I try to download pdfs to be viewes on my pre, the file 'downloads' and then pdf or doc viewer opens and errors out saying 'cant display local files. That's how my teachers post assignments and I can't view it on my pre whenever I need to.
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    Are you downloading from the web or e-mail?
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    If you download from the web it can't open them, thats correct.

    The browser tries to open it instead of being sent directions to the PDF viewer to open them.
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    I've downloaded pdf's from my email from two diff sources. Rona sent out some coupons and it wouldn't work. My company sends out my paystub biweekly and up until recently it has worked perfectly. Now it says 'Failed to render'. I've read that this topic has come up in the past. Any links? Couldn't find the topic myself.
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    yes I'm having issues opening web files. I swear it used to work.
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    Did you check the /media/internal/downloads/ folder to see if they were there for you to open with the PDF viewer?
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)

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