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    Hi Guys, I am going through some growing pains with my PRE, I am trying to give it a chance but I am experiencing some issues.....Every morning I take my PRE off the touchstone and it will show me the last 2 weeks of hotmail and yahoo mail again as being unread.....everymorning it is the same thing?

    I am in Canada and recently upgraded the webos to the new 1.4.5 would that have anything to do with problem?

    Any suggestions?

    My second huge issue is my battery life....with everything turned off and checking email only every 15 minutes I am lucky to get 12 hours out of the phone, and that is without surfing...just a few texts, short calls and couple of emails?
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    POP3? IMAP? Saving a copy on server? Detaiks! I'm sure it can be adjusted.

    battery? Search for the thread on batteey tips. Many that help.

    I recommend the extended siedo 2600 battery...

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