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    Got my new Palm Pre today (4th one in a year and 2nd in 2 months) and activated it. I forgot to wipe the old one clean before deactivating it.

    When I plug it into my PC it cannot recognize it.
    The screen is broken so I cannot clean it normally.
    Tried using the Doctor and WebOS Repair... since the PC is not finding the phone, those are pretty useless.

    Is there some sort of *orange* *SYM* *????* combo to get it to wipe?
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    ...well, the answer is, "yes".
    Re: New Palm pre on its way - Palm Support Community

    Thanks fudge for google. I searched and searched and was finally able to find what I needed.
    Posting this in case it helps someone else.
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    There is a way through Palm's website if you log in or something. I don't know the specifics, do the online chat thing with Palm for more info.
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    Orange + Sym + U is the shortcut to force it into USB mode without thouching the screen, but I don't think it'll work after doctoring since it requires you to enter data in to retrieve your Palm Profile after doctoring. Sorry thats not to helpful.

    edit: NM is see you found an answer.

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