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    ...and I got hit with it AGAIN. This issue is outrageous. It just happened randomly seconds after I sent a text message while entering a restaurant. Ridiculous. So far, I still have all of my contacts, and my email accounts were resync'd, but my app catalog apps were not automatically installed, and all homebrew apps are gone, again. Palm needs to address this problem ASAP.

    Clearly, it can't be blamed on homebrew stuff, because it's happening to people without any homebrew/patches/whatever at all. There's a bizarre issue with webOS or the Cloud that Palm needs to fix, immediately.
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    I've been hit again, too! Damn this is annoying.
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    Mine happened last week, removed all apps and homebrew tweaks. I didnt put the homebrew stuph back on yet, and it hasnt happened again.

    Are we still ruling out homebrew apps causing the resets? Im gonna put mine back on the phone and see if I get a wipe.

    Interesting issue though

    Palm Pre
    Sprint Network
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    My Sprint Palm Pre just did this. I am more then angry right now since I'm trying to use my phone to make some business phone calls and I can't. For the very first time since having my Palm Pre I'm ****ed at Palm, why don't we have more of an explanation?
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    Happened to me on saturday night 7/24/2010), sometime after midnight, before 1 a.m. Sprint Pre, non-refurb, no overclock, no fancy firmware (, I think, whatever Sprint's latest is.)

    Pulled the phone out of my pocket, it said "do not remove the battery" at the bottom of the screen in tiny letters. I waited, then it had me sign in to my palm profile. I did, and lots of stuff was gone. all contacts after the first few days i owned the phone, all my music, all my photos, all my videos. some apps stayed, but their data was gone. Other apps were gone entirely. the text in my Memos is all gone, back to July 9.

    I already sent Hardbeatz the info he requested previously.
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    I was hit in Germany on O2 on the 7/23/2010 roughly at 2pm.
    F105 @ 1005/500 MHz OS 1.4.5
    All data on internal wiped, virgin folders back, only the pre ringtone in /ringtones.
    Was able to rescue some pics and movies with recuva, some tars an zips with testdisk.
    Doctored to 1.4.5, resynced. Seems my history of calendar entrys from 2003 to March of 2010 is gone for good, still have the old treo files, though.
    I never expected this wipe of the usb storage partition, my latest backup with prebackup is two months old. I'll see what I can salvage from the recovered files.
    Right now I'm in the process of updating my home PC from W2k to XP to be able to do more frequent backups at home, not just once in a while at work.
    Happened while I was using the phone, I had just finished a couple of minutes of Sky Climber during which I was wondering about random sluggishness of the game. Then after I tossed the card, i guess I was in launcher, the screen kind of "melted" and like 10 seconds later the palm logo appeared. I thought it had crashed but was freaked when the original launcher background appeared and all of my apps were gone. Patches seemed to have survived.
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    I've been able to restore all of my apps and most of my data thanks to Preware and Save/Restore.
    There are two things that really are irritating though. One is that all of my knows wifi networks are gone and I'll have to type in some long keys again, and neither the Palm Profile or Preware retain information on what Beta and Web distributed apps I had installed. Is there nothing that saves/knows what Beta/Web apps I've installed?
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    this occurred last night for me. Palm Pre Sprint refurb.

    I went to the app catalog to find that i've been logged out of my palm profile and need to restart.

    Occurred after having tried to install file manager through preware. This requires a java restart which I chose to do later so I doubt it's related.

    Restarted to find that I need to resync everything. All apps were gone but patches are still installed. Preware rewrote the saved package list so it became fresh instead of checking if I wanted what I had before. Anyone have info on this?
    Quote Originally Posted by snooz3r View Post
    my phone did the same

    1) message error that says I was logged out off my Palm Profile
    2) forced to Restart and and re-sync

    fortunately, it was a breeze re-syncing but it's really time consuming, given the amount of time it takes for the phone to boot up.. and what gives????

    my carrier is Sprint BTW..

    would like Palm to fix this issue asap! it's very inconvenient!
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    It happened to me this afternoon. I had just updated govnah and uberkernal and was in the process of downloading save/restore. Restored app catalog apps, but obviously not homebrew.

    Where is the best place to locate step-by-step instructions on how to get everything else back? I suppose I have to go back to WOSQI and install preware, then try to remember the homebrew apps I had and reinstall them. What a PITA!
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    I too had this happen last night around 9pm, on an original Sprint Pre, patched and 800 Overclock... It was just when I was trying to update an app in the App Catalog. I have seen this common theme said before, and I really believe it has something to do with the App Catalog. I definitely brought it up to Palm's corporate headquarters today, and he took a log from my phone to see what caused it. I told him to let me know either way, whether it was something I did or if it really was Palm's fault. He did tell me the engineering department supposedly found the problem with the mass glitch on the 21st, but this looks to be a second wave caused by something else. Interestingly enough, he was very supportive of Homebrew, followed Precentral, and did not try to blame this problem on patching or homebrew apps. Unfortunately, I did not use Save/Restore before the glitch and lost my most important data in a few apps. Live and learn.

    P.S.-- He mentioned something about hearing there would be new hardware out by the end of this year, rumors started by good ol' Ruby himself. However take it for what it is worth, it was his word of mouth after all. But it makes me daydream, him being a Palm corporate employee and all.....
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    Well before any new hardware comes out, HP/Palm needs to fix this ASAP. You cannot have people's Pre/Pixi phones log out of their Palm Profile randomly and then have all your info wiped out randomly.
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    I also lost my "Free Music Ringtones" program. Since this is no longer available that really sucks.
    I really hope it gets put in Homebrew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    I also lost my "Free Music Ringtones" program. Since this is no longer available that really sucks.
    I really hope it gets put in Homebrew.
    I don't have the link to the official thread for that app, but the Dev posted the ipk and you can install it via WOSQI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casiouser View Post
    I also lost my "Free Music Ringtones" program. Since this is no longer available that really sucks.
    I really hope it gets put in Homebrew.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett92C View Post
    I don't have the link to the official thread for that app, but the Dev posted the ipk and you can install it via WOSQI.
    That is awesome that the dev posted the ipk. But here is another program that is in the app catalog that should do the same thing:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.
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    I lost everything on my phone about an hour ago. All my contacts are still in tact, but music, homebrew apps, and pictures are gone.


    -edit- Strangely, my patches appear to be still working... but the homebrew apps, including preware, are there.

    Sprint Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by destroebl View Post
    ...and I got hit with it AGAIN.
    And just now, It happened to me for a THIRD TIME.

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    Just happened to me a moment ago. This is the second time.
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    mine wiped about 3 weks ago after MHS download and install. Lost most of my contacts. Palm profile didn't restore them properly. Luckily I had pocket mirror.(price sucked but it worked.) Reinstalled My tether and MHS no problems so far.
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    Welp, Ive been hit a FOURTH, FIFTH, and SIXTH time! Unbelievable. I didn't even have any homebrew stuff installed, at all, these last twi instances. What the hell is going on?

    I'm probably going to call Palm tomorrow, and hopefully, I can get a refurb, or a fixed Palm Profile, or some kind of solution to this, because it is completely unacceptable.

    I really like webOS, but this kind of garbage is making Android look awfully tempting...
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    Users who are still reporting this issue. Please provide me with information that I have requested in the past

    Palm profile email address, device meid / imei, and carrier.
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:

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