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    Also wondering if this could have something to do with Time Warner Cable and AT & T having outages in Raleigh? TWCNC had sporadic channel outages from about 9am until 3pm this afternoon.
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    This happened to me this morning too! I picked up the pre to make a call and it said that i had been logged out of my palm profile and had to reboot. It restored my profile but all of my preware apps are gone. My patches seem to be there. I re-installed Preware, but now Preware does not see that I have any patches installed. Will this cause me problems in the future when I need to remove them prior to upgrading?
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    Add me to the list as well. This is crazy! I am with Sprint, Kansas City area. This is my original phone I have had since the launch on Sprint over a years ago. This phone has been great. I have had no issue with updates, patches, tweaks, nothing. I rooted it the first week I owned it. Never had to doctor it or anything. Again, it's been great.

    While sleeping today (I work nights), I woke up to relieve myself and checked my messages with no problems. Went back to bed and then woke up as usual. Checked my phone and I have the "logged out of profile" message. I picked "just restart" and it rebooted only to come back with the logged out of profile message. I picked "just restart" again, but this time it hard reset all on it's own.

    I want to say the profile problem occurred sometime between 1pm CDT and 3:30 PM CDT.

    Sounds like Palm has a serious issue on there hands at the moment. I hope they get it fixed very quickly.

    Now I get to spend an untold amount of time linking profiles, setting up launch pages, etc.

    Oh, and I was supposed to get a call today with an offer for a new job. I wonder if I missed that call? Great...
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    Happened to me out of the blue around 3:30 EST today (Ohio). It is still syncing, but so far nothing appears to be missing.
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    happened to me awhile ago, lost everything... self restoring phone???
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    Wow! And this is just the precentral forums! I think I'm going to airplane mode until this passes.
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    **** i got just signed off again... i;m leaving my phone now as it is i dont want to go through setting it up again and i will get signed off again
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    It happened to me this afternoon. I'm in Raleigh. My apps and bookmarks seem to be fine, but I lost all of my photos and music.
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    Go to Preware...go to List of Everything...then search for "Emergency" and then try "Emergency Reconstruction Utility" and Preware should be able to recognize all your patches if you still have your Saved Package List file...

    Quote Originally Posted by jjbrotherton View Post
    This happened to me this morning too! I picked up the pre to make a call and it said that i had been logged out of my palm profile and had to reboot. It restored my profile but all of my preware apps are gone. My patches seem to be there. I re-installed Preware, but now Preware does not see that I have any patches installed. Will this cause me problems in the future when I need to remove them prior to upgrading?
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    It happened to my wifes pre--but mine was fine..both on sprint and in north west NJ.
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    Please continue to report details to Palm through our member Hardbeatz:
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    Also when i called in this morning Palm had me go to the backup app, click it and then click on Preferences, click on palm profile and sign in again. My phone has not reset again. So maybe ill be ok till they find out what is going on. The lady i talked to at palm said the last time my profile had been signed into was in may. Not sure how that works seeing how it does a backup every night. I also forwarded my info to Member Hardbeatz so he would have my info for a fix. Take this for what its worth. Its what the lady at palm had me do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseyinspace View Post
    So I woke up this morning to find my Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) had been wiped! Anyone else have this issue?
    I had reported this issue a while back and had contacted palm tech support. They had mentioned that this was due to some application database conflict on palm's server.
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    this happened to me a week ago.
    Woke up in the morning, my palm tells me i have been logged out of my Palm profile. Restart to login again... Gave me the option to wipe everything clean or just login again. Did the latter, but still wiped everything except the USB drive (photos, etc.)... Application settings and data all gone

    Thanks to palm's automatic backup not the end of the world but TWO BIG PROBLEMS:
    1) palm's backup for some inexplicable reason doesn't include messaging and call history. These are important things!!! Why aren't they backed up? Backup of application settings would be a nice bonus feature (at least provide a local backup solution like itunes does if this is too much data for the cloud backup)

    2) I was on vacation out of country. after restart, to login to my palm profile again, I was forced to activate data usage on roaming (super expensive!!!) because for some reason, Palm decided the login can't be done ocher wifi and wouldn't even let me access the menu to activate wifi!!! ***!!!

    All in all a very frustrating experience, especially as this happened without any warning at all! makes it kind a hard to rely on your phone!!!
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    I woke up on sunday 7/11 and my phone was waiting for me to enter my Palm Profile login and proceeded to rebuild itself. All I did was plug it in to charge and went to bed!

    Now I somewhat feel better knowing other people had this problem, but I'm ****ed that it had to happen at all. I had to reload a ton of stuff and it totally screwed up my Preware. I still had the majority of my patches loaded and obviously functioning (like 4x4 icons), but I had to reload Preware to it and it showed NO PATCHES loaded....even though they were obviously there.

    Its been fine since.
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    Just happened to me this morning as well. North Chicago suburbs on Verizon (Palm Pre Plus). Was at work, phone gave a beep like a text message, and then I saw the message that I was logged off my Palm Profile. It then wanted to reset my phone. Good news was, it automagically rebooted, I logged into Palm, yahoo, facebook, all my contacts, calendars, etc. resynced, the photos I took last night are still there (along with the rest). it synched up all my apps back from the store again. Even some of my preferences, like icons on the launch bar, are intact. Did have to set up my Twee profile and a few others, my desktop and ringtones reverted to factory, but overall, not too traumatic an experience. Yay, WebOS!

    No mods, no preware, no recent patches. Plain vanilla ice cream for me! I had figured that maybe 1.4.5 came down unattended and did this to me, but my phone is still showing

    My son and I both bought our Palm Pre Pluses the same day, both keep them up-to-date. His didn't reset this morning. He just texted me that his Palm says there is an OS update waiting for him. I TOLD HIM NOT TO TOUCH IT!!

    Hope Palm gets some information out soon. Was looking forward to 1.4.5
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    freaky, my gf called me 30 minutes ago telling me this happened to her today. but this has never happened to me

    2010-2011 Champions!

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    Well....My issue is slightly different.

    My phone rebooted this morning. When it came back up, all the apps were there, but my app data was lost.
    It was like I was accessing the apps for the first time. The saved data on the games were gone. I had to login into all my twitter apps, youview app, foursquare, etc.

    The email, calendar accounts were there, but I got the screen where it show the account and then ask to either "add an account" or "done".

    I guess I would have got back the saved games data from save/restore, but by the time I had realized what had happened, I went ahead and saved all the data from save/restore after learning about the issue others were facing.

    Edit: - Sent a PM to Hbz
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    Woke up this morning, grabbed my Palm Pre and ran out the door. On the way to the train I looked at the screen saying that I had logged out of my profile? Hmmm, never saw that before. I rebooted the phone but the same message/screen came back. I logged back on and everything was restored within a few minutes. The only things that I had to change was my Exchange Cert for email, IM messaging and a few ring tones here and there. Videos, pics, music were all there after the restore was completed. Weird... Phone was never jail broken, modded or anything. What the heck happened?
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    same thing happened to me this morning on my att pre plus. sucks as im on a prepaid card.

    i think this is bs of having to have a palm profile. i also think that its bs to lose some or all of your data. it should be that whats on you drive stays on your drive and not having to restart.

    just my rant.... i dont think i will be staying with webos if its going to be this way. i guess i should have known what i was getting into when i bought a palm pre plus.
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