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    Happened to me this morning as well around 5am (central time) and have not been able to sync all my contacts!
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    Ok so, this is getting out of hand. I had this happen to me this morning at 3:30 am while using the device, and for the sake of cleanliness, I just doctored my pre, had it back up and running for 45 minutes and it happened again! *** is going on???
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    Just happened to me. Sprint Chicago.
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    Happend to me this morning as well.
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    Just happened to me a few minutes ago. Verizon Pre Plus, standard kernel, sitting next to me on my desk. Pinged and said it had lost connection with my Palm Profile and I needed to reset it. Did and it's not downloading any of my apps. Going to try doctoring. {Jonathan}
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    Mine did that about 10 minutes ago. Said I was not logged into Palm anymore and it had to be reset and restarted, out of nowhere. I hadn't been doing anything with it. It was charging. I had no option but to hit "restart." It restarted, then gave me another messages saying I had to restart again. When it came back on, there were NO apps. All the icons were in the same place as before. But my pictures, texts, memos, etc. were all still on there. Kind of weird. I hope this doesn't happen again.
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    Wow...its spreading like wildfire
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    mine just did it too. Now resyncing all my accounts. Sprint pre central IL
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    Happened this morning to a friend who called me upset and wanting to know what to do. She's with Sprint in San Antonio, Texas.
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    Ugh, it just happened to me here in Orlando, FL near UCF. I'm on Sprint, a good amount of patches (no themes or kernel patches, however); happened out of nowhere. I had it sitting on a desk and I saw the notification blink, so I checked it and bam - restart prompt.

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    Happened to me over the weekend on my Verizon Pixi Plus with NO PreWare. I had no idea what was going on and didn't see any chatter on PreCentral. Since I use Exchange with remote wipe I just assumed that somehow the phone typed in bad PINs while in my pocket or something.

    I have to say that HP/Palm really needs to improve the recovery process. Sure, it is cool that a bunch of stuff gets pulled from the palm profile, and I don't mind having to type a few passwords, but there are a few very important things that just get lost. For example, I lost my WIFI credentials, so the phone ate up most of my better trying to restore data from Google, LinkedIn, etc. I had to reconfigure WIFI along with Bluetooth for my two cars.

    The real pain is that I lost all the ringtones for my contacts. I had to manually resyc my ringtones and them reconfigure every single contact. What a PITA. It would be nice of the contact ringtones somehow got synced to the palm profile.
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    I encourage users to continue to send me the information. Just posting on the forum stating the issue happened to you doesn't really help Palm in any way. Please continue sending me the information so we can identify a root cause for the issue.
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    mines wiped out my phone numbers and I can't seen to get them back
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    Quote Originally Posted by princechrm1 View Post
    mines wiped out my phone numbers and I can't seen to get them back
    Send me your contact information and I can have someone reach out to you and assist in recovering any lost data.
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    I have two Pre's (one with Sprint and one with AT&T) and neither of them have had this happen to them, yet (In the Houston, Tx area).
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseyinspace View Post
    So I woke up this morning to find my Palm Pre Plus (Verizon) had been wiped! Anyone else have this issue?
    Oh yea had the same problem I've got an original pre on sprint. If palm devs have any input it would be much appreciated. I figure it has something to do with the US release of 1.4.5
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    Not sure if mine was wiped then restored but only diffence I noticed was I had 42 new emails. I average 2 a day so I was surprised. They were all old ones from up to 6 months back that had been deleted back then.
    Why those would reappear is strange and concerning.
    Why would Palm be backing up emails I've deleted? (and yes I'm good about 'emptying my trash')
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    This happen to me about a month or so ago and again today on Sprint. Having a Pre is really getting to be a pain.
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    this same thing happened to me on my way home from work
    at 4:10pm i got signed off of palm profile
    sprint pre
    boston, ma
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    My Pre just got wiped also. I'm on Sprint in Raleigh. Everything has been working all dandy (this is after having the device replaced last week and having to sync and put in all the passwords then) and I look down at the phone because it beeped.. forgive me for getting excited when I get a text message. No text message... Palm message asking if I want to Just Reset or Full Erase.

    Nooooooooooo, I'm expecting a text!!! So I press Just Reset and thus begins my pain. It is now 5:17 PM and my phone is just now done Syncing my email accounts.

    Still waiting on that text ....
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