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    On Sprint, Houston area, did not happen to me, but I am backing up everything with Save/Restore and Pre Backup Utility and PreWare Saved Package list then FTP the entire drive to my computer to be prepared.

    Hope everyones gets back to normal.

    This can be a pain, I experienced this when the app catalog had its issue 2 or 3 months ago.

    I feel your pain.
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    All software not in the main Palm app catalog are removed or no longer accessible. This includes Palm beta catalog software. Gone. Background image is reset to orange coral. Wifi networks/settings forgotten. Probably more things that I have not encountered yet. This customer is rather upset because I thought the reach of the normal Palm Profile was more limited.
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    My wife's Sprint Pixi experienced this about 5 times over the last month. A trip to the doctor seems to have fixed this for the moment, though it still does a Luna restart about twice a day.
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    Happened to me too, on Sprint in Colorado. I was awake and using my phone when it happened as well at 3:30 on the dot.
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    I got a message that was logged out of my Palm Profile, and the only option was to restart.

    I was able to transfer the saverestore folder by using opt-Sym-U to get my 8/16/2009 Sprint Pre into USB mode whilst attached to my computer.

    After that initial restart, I was given the option to just restart or erase all data. I selected just restart.

    After that, the phone was (re)activated, and restarted again.

    Then, I selected the language, and (re)entered all my account passwords. (google, exchange, pop, facebook), then it restored my profile.

    It seems like every item I downloaded from the App Catalog is restoring, even items I've removed. Patches seem to be intact, and no homebrew apps are available. The call log is gone, as are text message logs.
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    this happened to me about a week ago. Have a sprint pre. Resynced my profile and all was well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by strykr View Post
    Also, although my texts/phone history/etc. were all gone, my patches all remained as far as I can tell.

    I know Ill need to reinstall preware and govna, but do you think the uberkernel is still there or should I reinstall it?
    This happened to me a few weeks ago, and the big problem is this - your patches are still installed, but Preware has no knowledge of them. Thus, you can't uninstall them, and if you try to install any patch that patches a file one of your old patches patched, it will fail. I eventually redoctored the phone to get it back to a clean state, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a less drastic way to fix it.
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    this happened to me the day before the last OTA update 1.4.1. My phone teset and downloaded all info lost no custome kernel at that point. I think it has something to do with palm setting up there sys for the update. My bet is that your phone had some kind of bleep in the file systeam and the update manger reset the device. Not sure if works that way but I bet we will all be updating to 1.4.5 in the next few days.
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    Happened to my wife this morning - she has the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Phone had been reset, lost her contacts. She got her contacts back when she entered her Google mail, but even the old apps she uninstalled came back.
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    Happened to me about 1:00 Eastern time. Sprint, original Pre, bout 15 patches and one theme. Was in the process of backing up and then received the message "You are no longer signed into your Palm account on this phone". Recently installed UberKernal and Govnah - only recent change to phone. Was working beautifully before this.
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    My Pre just did this at 12:30pm CDT. Milwaukee, Sprint.

    All apps are gone. Email and IMs are still there. Cannot restore apps. What is going on here?

    I went to updates and am told Updates are takes me to app store where I am told I have no applications installed. How am I supposed to become the mayor of my favorite Mexican restaurant now?

    PS My phone is completely stock. No Kernals, no preware.
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    And here I was worried my recently overclocking caused my problem. Same problem, around early morning (before sun was up). Really sucks.

    As someone stated above, all patches are installed (yay?) but not recognized by preware, also had to re-install all apps that were installed via pre-ware, also not fun.

    Side note: is there a way to back up your phone entirely? Apps and all? Just not patches?

    Spent a lot of time fixing it and dont want to doctor and then re-do everything I just spent all day doing. Either way, sucks but at least all my contacts were back. Apps were restored (some of them) Odly enough all my text messages were wiped.

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    this happened to me a few times in the past ( sprint) but not lately...
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    I recently had to get a replacement Pre and when we put my profile back on the new phone, I was missing over half my contacts. No idea where they went.
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    Thanks for all those that have responded. I will post this message again for those that may have missed my post earlier..

    This issue is being investigated by Palm for further analysis. We would like to get information about affected devices. Users who have experienced this issue, please PM me the following information

    Palm Profile Email Address:
    Device MEID / IMEI:

    Also I am receiving PM's from users and due to the number of messages received I will not be responding back to these, you can verify I have received it by checking to verify it is in your sent folder or b asking for a read receipt on the message being sent.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this issue has brought up, we are actively researching this issue.
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    Looks like someone hit the big red button that said do not touch. Heh
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    Yes. I had the same problem yesterday. I think it was an unnecessary pain in the ---. My phone told me I was no longer signed in to my Palm Profile and told me to reset my phone. I was afraid I would loose everything, but just about everything stayed. It took a while to reboot the phone and sync with the PalmProfile (and re-sign in to all my accounts/apps), so it really was a pain that I hope does not repeat.
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    Same for me, I am with Bell Canada in Quebec, but no data plan, only Wifi, WEBos 1.4.5 with uberkernel 800 mhz overclocking and when I woke up this morning, SURPRISE, Lost connection with my palm profile and I have to reboot and everything was lost and UI have to reconnect to my palm profile but to do that I have to have data connection not wifi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am back to normal, connect to my profile Palm and data is now OK, but all the applications on Preware are not there!!

    Someone could tell us what's the problem, Do we will have surprise like this every morning??????


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    OMG.... I thought it was just me this morning. I'm mad I lost some pretty good apps. I'm gonna miss my Mobile hotspot app. I tried reinstalling it, but it just wont reinstall :-(
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    Happend to me this morning as well.
    Palm Pre; 1.4.5; O2 Germany
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