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    Happened to me a couple of days after the 1.4.5 release on O2 Germany.

    At that time I was in the US roamiong on AT&T.

    No overclocking but about 20 patches using Preware.

    Now I have been fine for about two weeks.
    -Unlocked Pre3 QWERTY from Palm Eurostore
    Activated on German app catalog including Payed Apps with
    -TouchPad from EBay using German app catalog
    German App Cataloge including Payed Apps with
    -HP Veer QWERTZ from MediaMarkt in Germany as backup/tehtering device
    Activated on German app catalog with Impostah including Payed Apps with
    -German O2 Pre- testing 2.2.4 WiFi only profile
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    My phone froze last night. I had it on the touchstone and I woke up to the screen being on, as it often does once the battery hits 100%. So I hit the power button and nothing. So I had to do a battery pull. I wonder if my phone wasn't frozen if it would have wiped.

    I am running F105 on AT&T.
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    I had this issue this morning, with webos 1.4.5 Movistar (GSM Pre). I was updating something with preware, I think save/restore. Some minutes after that log off.
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    Back in May my Pre made the usual text received chime but the message on the screen said that I had become disconnected from my palm profile and I needed to either restart or wipe the device. After a number of restart attempts and going to the Sprint store for support, we even tried wiping the device and it never reconnected to the profile.

    They ended up giving me a refurbished replacement, which I'm thinking that I'm about to replace because the proximity sensor doesn't work and I'm sick of bumping the screen when I'm on a call and either calling the person back on another line or switching to airplane mode, etc...
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    Mine reset also Pre plus on verizon, Massachusetts, pre ware and kerneled
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    It happened to me I suppose on the 13/14th, about a day before the 1.4.5 update landed on Bell here in Toronto, Canada.

    I had been running UberKernel, I don't really recall if I had it running overclocked or not. It had a bunch of patches running but it wasn't anything too extreme. My Palm Profile is pretty secured, I don't think anyone hijacked it somehow.
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    Happened to me on my Sprint Pre this morning in San Diego. Woke up to message asking if I wanted to erase and start fresh or just restart. Everything seems to still be there, just had to re enter my email and facebook passwords.

    Previously overclocked, but have removed all patches in anticipation of 1.4.5
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    We need a poll for this...

    No loss on my friend's and I phones. I have a sprint pre, her a sprint pixi and we both live near OKC.
    I'm wondering how often our phones check in with the Palm Server. I know it connects with the backup server once a day, and contacts are synced immediately if adding new ones, but how often is your Profile validated?

    I use batery saver which puts my phone in Airplane Mode each night, so Palm's Server couldn't reach my phone...
    http://<font color="Navy">Poll: Requ...r webOS</font>

    Coming soon-Calm Alarm
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    Palm Pimp.
    Comes with 2 free Pixis.
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    i also thought it was just me!!! i am trying to figure out how to get my preware back on now and hopefully restore the apps i have downloaded. ugh!
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    This issue is being investigated by Palm for further analysis. We would like to get information about affected devices. Users who have experienced this issue, please PM me the following information

    Palm Profile Email Address:
    Device MEID / IMEI:
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

    6Ts: Six ways to get your webOS phone working again:
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    My wife's pre plus on Verizon experienced this exact situation this morning. She called me and I had to take her through the set up again. It has latest updates and is not loaded with any apps other than one radio app.
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    This happen to me a few weeks ago. Out of nowwhere I try to use my Pre+ and it game me the 'restart or restore' screen. I tried restart but my data was wiped.
    Pre Plus (
    Asheville, NC USA
    Almost 70 patches and running UK 250/720 Screenstate
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    I had this happen to me about 5-6 times the last few months! I got a replacement phone from Sprint and it still continued to happen! I'm about an hour north of Philly in PA near Allentown. I've read in the forums that it seems that palm profiles are getting crossed. Someone had an issue where they went to Pandora and found someone else's email address, contact that person, and that person also had the reset problem at the same time! Come on Palm, what's going on?? Ohh yeah, and I'm on a Sprint Pre..
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    I had this happen to me a month or two ago on my Sprint Palm Pre. One evening I think the phone restarted and said I was logged out of my Palm Profile. Once I logged in, it began restoring my email, calendar, contacts, apps, etc. My patches were still in place, but PreWare did not recognize they were installed. I had to reload all of my homebrew (non-App Catalog) apps. It was quite a pain, but I haven't had a problem since then. I didn't see anyone else reporting it on the forums at the time. Sorry to hear that this is happening to others.
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    This happened to me too, and I'm relieved there was a front page post about it. Between 4 and 5pm last night PDT, I picked up my Sprint Pre, loaded e-mail, and the app just sat and wouldn't load. I loaded up a couple of other apps, and they did the same thing: the card just sat there with the loading indicator flashing.

    I shut it down, rebooted, and the reboot took forever. When it came up, it was wiped. Materials on the USB partition were fine, but the apps and personal settings were gone. I was able to log back into my profile shortly after, and restore my information.

    Here's the weirdest thing that sets my story apart from the others: wi-fi worked fine yesterday before the wipe, but hasn't worked since this happened. 3G works fine. If I try to turn Wi-Fi on in the pull-down menu, the loading indicator just spins, and networks never appear. I've tried battery pulls, everything -- while my Pre is back to normal, wi-fi just plain won't work, it just sits there looking for networks it won't display.
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    Had the same thing happen several times over the last few weeks. Opened tickets with Palm and Sprint. Minneapolis area, no mods, original (release day) Pre. Started happening so frequently that I requested a replacement.
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    i have just had it happen to me this is ridiculous.. I just looked at my phone and it said i have been signed out of my palm profile and i needed to restart.. and sure enough everything was gone
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    Wow! Exact same thing happened to me a few days ago (on Sprint) with a VIRGIN Pre (no homebrew, patches, etc) which I've had since Day One. Unfortunately, my data did NOT restore properly, and I lost 500+ Memo's and 10+ yrs of archived Calendar events/notes, along with my Task list. Fortunately, I had recently transfered all my Contacts to Google, so they were intact. I spent over 5 hrs with Level I, II, then III Tech Support, over the past few days. They tried multiple OLD backup sets, to no avail. I specifically asked them if there have been known Palm Backup/Server issues, and finally got them to (reluctantly) say "yes." After trying 6-7 different backup sets, they finally threw in the towel and said my data was lost, and could offer no additional recourse (nor apologies). I was livid, but fortunately still had my old Palm Treo and Palm Desktop from 6/09, and using the Data Transfer Assistant, we were able to successfully import my (old) data to the Pre. Of course, that still means I lost a years worth of information. I'm a physician, and had tons of reference notes dating back 10+ years. I suspect they are having a MAJOR server failure, a la the recent Sidekick fiasco, and are frantically trying to keep this under wraps. To be honest, I no longer have confidence in Palms ability to safeguard my data, and am moving all critical data to Google. I *might* hang on a bit longer to see what the next-gen device looks like, but now believe I can seamlessly switch to the iPhone or Android at any time. Seeing the sudden spate of problems, it'll be interesting to see if Palm/HP publicly addresses this issue.
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    Also wiped last night. Sprint, Albuquerque.
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    Happened to me too, full erase after the message and profile restore, all while being at work and only having gprs, lots of fun. Patches seem to be still there, but all homebrew stuff is gone.

    I used the phone this morning as usual, checking mails an twitter. Next time a woke up the device, I had the message and the fun began...

    Palm Pre, webos 1.4.5 on O2 Germany, no overclocking
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