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    I'm on Verizon and from Pittsburgh. Perhaps this issue is only for Verizon devices in a certain region? Sounds like something had to be sent out from Palm's servers to affect multiple devices like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseyinspace View Post
    I'm on Verizon and from Pittsburgh. Perhaps this issue is only for Verizon devices in a certain region? Sounds like something had to be sent out from Palm's servers to affect multiple devices like this.
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    I'm on Sprint and it happened to me. It seems that my patches were retained as well. I did not download Govnah to check my clock speed, I was running Uberkernal when this happened.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeremyC View Post
    On a Sprint Pre here since launch day and nothing has happened like that to me.

    From what I am reading, it sounds like this is only happening on Verizon Pre Plus? Anyone having this problem and not on Verizon? If not then I would call Verizon and give them the what for?!?
    Nope, as I'm on Sprint and have owned my Pre since they were introduced over 1 yr ago. Nothing like this has ever happened to my device. All remnants of my patches seem to be gone. I've tried the Emergency patches in Homebrew to no avail. If anyone knows any other ways to recover my patches, I would appreciate a hand.
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    I'm on sprint and it happened to me.I leaning towards SABOTAGE
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    I've got a Sprint Pre and the same thing happened to me this morning. This is my 2nd unit and it is a refurb but seemed to be more solid than my original one. If we were all logged out of our Palm Profile, which seems to be the case as to what initiated the reset wouldn't that indicate something on Palm's side of the house? Maybe they were moving things around and ooooops!...who knows for sure, not like we'll get a straight answer from them. Lost all of my homebrew apps but left me the "roam only" patch so it wasn't a major loss to me as that's the most important "non-standard" thing I have on my phone.

    I would be interested to hear what might have caused this though, that is if we can get a straight answer!
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    Very strange.

    Maybe the palm profile cloud services wen't down briefly while a handful of webOS phones were checking for new updates? Maybe the server being down caused these people to sign out.

    P.S. Bell pre here, no problems.
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    Just happened to my Palm Pre on Sprint. Said I was logged out. And all is now reset. This is very disruptive.
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    Today I woke up to my pre saying i was logged out of my palm profile and had an option to restart, so I did. After rebooting I got a message saying it could not log into my profile so I did a battery pull. Then It acted like I turned it on for the first time going through all the activation steps. Right now it is reloading all my apps from my profile and syncing all my accounts. I am using the F102 Kernel and have about 30 patches and no theme. I have not recently done anything to my Pre and it was working fine yesterday. Any thoughts?

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    Happened to me on my Sprint Pre, twice in the last couple of weeks.
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    My Mom called me and said it happened to her this morning... now I see this thread.

    Verizon FAIL ??
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    From my reading it's a profile problem not a sprint or verizon problem.
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    Front-paged to see if we can get some more data points
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    Wow, scary stuff, if this happens, can you log in even if you don't have phone service? I hope so cuz I only have a wifi Sprint Pre now , so far nothing yet. I'm a night owl so I been playing with it all night so maybe that helped. (knocks on wood)
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    Same thing happened to me a week ago (some days after 1.5 update). First time Pre (Germany). Never had a problem with it. Everything, backuped at profile, came back. The rest I took from my own backup (daily rsync) and save/restore. My free apps I just copied from the rsync backup.
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    This happened to me on Monday (July 19). I was sitting at work when my phone buzzed and let me know it had been disconnected from my Palm Profile.

    This was a launch-day Sprint Palm Pre. It had about a dozen patches and the uber-kernel, but that shouldn't have affected this at all.

    Fortunately I had a backup of the internal database, so I only lost 12 days of SMS/IM/etc., but I was rather upset at losing several hours re-customizing my Pre.
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    It happened to me this morning. I'm on Sprint and on the latest software release.
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    It happened to me this morning as well. I have a Verizon Palm Pre Plus with webOS There are no hacks or homebrew apps installed. I live in Alexandria, VA.

    A notification stated I was not connected to my Palm profile and said it need to restart. After the restart there was a similar message with two option: 1) Restart and 2) Erase All Data. Of course I selected option 1 but when the phone restarted it went through the initial set-up procedures and once done, started to to sync my phone with my profile (i.e., contacts, email, installed apps, etc.). My photos and videos remained but all of my app data are gone. Luckily some apps have backup or export features but not all. This was extremely annoying and inconvenient, to say the least!
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    Just wanted to contribute my story. Not all that exciting but relevant.

    About three weeks ago my wife's Sprint Pre just randomly said it was no longer logged into the palm profile, erase or restart.

    I restarted, to find that the device was wiped of all her apps and home brew, patches where still applied. Doctored it and restored her palm profile, used WOSQI to restore home brew and patches.

    Has not happened since, she is still on her Sprint launch day Pre, with no hardware issues.

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