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    I'm leaving in 3 days to go to Mexico for 2 weeks and I'm going to take my Pre+ with me.

    I'm going to leave it in airplane mode and whenever I can use WiFi to check email and social networking sites and all that.

    Will I be able to use GPS since I won't be able to use Data while I'm there. I just want to use apps such as SmartRunner for when we go biking and on hikes.

    Also is there anthing I need to do before I leave to avoid charges?
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    Let me wish you, and your phone all the best... If you're getting wifi, then obviously you will be able to do all the things you been doing here. Keep in mind, that without a data plan - which include roaming, you might be charge for roaming by your subsciber.

    Take care, and enjoy!
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    That is the biggest thing I'm worried about. Could I go to Verizon and get them to block data for the 2 weeks I'm there?
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    I travelled to Canada recently (and I HAVE the VZN "North America" plan... depending on the day of the week, it may or may not include Mexico!). I found my data svcs did not work at all, so they have probably wized up to people "having a problem" with $M data charges while roaming. I DID however have full use of voice services under my plan. WiFi worked fine, GPS (which has ALWAYS been aweful with VZN) didn't work worth a darn.

    Dunno if that helps, but there you go. Good luck South of the border!

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    I went on a cruise to the caribbean in feb with my vzw pre plus, had it in airplane mode, used the cruise wifi, and incurred no roaming charges.

    btw, vzw also has a phone roaming plan for mexico, not sure of the rates but you may want to find out.

    too bad the phone is not a global phone. Vzw, are you listening? Can YOU hear me now?
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    I was researching this for the wife,going on a cruise next month. So far I've found put it in airplane mode and use wifi, cancel your Voice Mail while your there, ( apparently you get charged twice for VM if your phone is on, call to phone and back to VM, calling Sprint about this ) Make sure you lock phone with a pin# in case somebody steals your phone and uses it. Have a great time.
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    Just got back from Los Cabos, kept my phone in airplane mode, and just used the hotel wifi. Worked like a charm and didn't get any charges on my bill. My internet and email worked flawlessly from the wifi, but I couldn't get a GPS fix...even when using ##477#. The biggest issue will be that some pages (yahoo, for example) will default to the Spanish version. I just have a normal Sprint Pre, but your's should be the same.
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    I don't know about the Pre+, but with the Sprint Pre you can disable roaming and data in the phone preferences.

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