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    I just started using MHS on my Sprint Pre. I already was a heavy data user, generally using 2-5GB/Month w/o MHS. Now that I have started using MHS I am a bit concerned about Sprint noticing a usage increase. I keep an eye on my usage with Netstat, and so far I have heard anything from them.

    Have you had any issues with Sprint and usage?
    Nope! My monthly data usage is around 2-3GB a month and my wife's is around 3-4GB with both phones on the Sprint Everything Data 1500 Shared plan. I've never heard anything from Sprint about it. My wife uses her Treo Pro for wifi for her laptop and for her iPod Touch and occasionally a friends laptop too. I use my Pre for wifi for my laptop.

    Before my Pre, I had the horrendous HTC Touch and I had a Sprint Mobile PCI card for our internet. But, we dropped that from our plan and we have been using the Treo Pro with the BestBuy Mobile Hotspot app for 2 years now and not a peep from Sprint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prolongexistence View Post
    Does MHS have USB tethering capability or are you doing it some other way? I tried MHS via USB when I first installed it and didn't have any luck but I think I was having issues with MyTether conflicting. I still have both apps installed
    Try this:
    Application:FreeTether - WebOS Internals
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    Used 8.6gigs last bill cycle and no extra charges. Although I don't want to press my luck like that every month. Using MHS to stream Netflix uses almost like a gig an hour. :/

    Overheating is an issue as well especially while using MHS on the TS (and OC). I had to rig mine up next to my A/C to stay usable.. .
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    Quote Originally Posted by deesugar View Post
    Isn't this just the hack to get the Mobile HotSpot app to work on Sprint??
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    I overclock 1GHz and share my MHS with 3 sources with no heating issues at all... It's because I use a fan when using MHS. Common sense to cool somthing down when it's too hot. Some of you guys go way to far. Use what you got around your house before you go wasting more money.
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    I use UberKernel and Govnah and when using MHS or Sprint Navi I put my Pre at 125MHz Min/Max and it doesn't over heat ever.
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