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    Alright, I have no idea how to even search for this in the forums so I apologize if this is a repeat.
    So I exchanged my pre due to a busted speaker (again) and did the extraction of the .db3 file to keep my history in my "new" phone.
    Now, I've done this before with no problem, but now I seem to not be so lucky.
    Not only in my facebook sync not showing pictures (although I don't care too much), but the text messaging has gone haywire.
    So this is what happens. Every text from now on seems to be one down. So, when I send or receive a text, I cannot see it until i send or receive another text (even a period), as if I have to push up the texts into view. I can't scroll down or anything. I've tried deleting all texts, but the history comes right back.

    I've changed pre's about 6 times already, yet have not come to this problem before. heellllpp
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    Trying to restore the texts file has been known to cause glitches for many people.

    Yes, there are quite a few threads about it, already.

    To search, you just use the advanced search function and you will get better results if you search in thread titles.
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    What version is your new phone running? If it's not the same OS as the old one, things like this can happen.
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    unfortunately (because i wish this was the issue) I'm running, the same version as the previous one
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    I had similar issues when I exchanged my Pre Plus (both 1.4.2). Messages wouldn't show up in the timeline, and it turned out that they were being sent to completely different contacts. Nothing I tried worked, so I just had to accept that my texts were gone. It would have been really nice if I could have kept them since several people had come out to me in a couple weeks of time. The circumstances were kind of bizarre, but touching. I still have the db3 file in case someone comes up with a way to extract and restore messages without completely overwriting the existing PalmDatabase file. Unlikely, but I'm hopeful.
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    Oh. Well then, there might be some not-good files in the database. You could try doing a partial erase, signing back in, and seeing if the problem is still there.
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    I'm experiencing the facebook picture syncing problem as well...same phone (trial run before my refurb comes in), same I don't see the text lagging issue though.
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    i havent messed with the facebook picture syncing. but i'm assuming if you go into contacts and unsync facebook then sync it back it should work. however, if you have tons of people on facebook, unsyncing is gonna take a while (it did for me)
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    and as for the text. it's only happening on ONE conversation. since all the picture messages are gone anyway i'm going to try to delete the contact and the texts then putting the contact back. will post back

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