So, I've been overclocked for a good while now and I've come to the conclusion that though my pre is a lot smoother with swiping and scrolling her pixi is faster in opening cards and taking pictures, video, and especially gps. She gets a gps signal instantly and I have to wait almost a minute most times and sometimes much longer. I asked her if it feels faster recently and she said not really but that she doesn't get TMC errors any more.

Well, that's because I installed the pixi uberkernal on her phone! Yeah, it isn't much faster (not really meant to be) but when you can open more than two cards now without getting the TMC error it actually becomes a very nice little device. It would be nice for it to scroll as smoothly as my pre but if cards open faster with it and GPS works so much better I couldn't really ask for more -- except would be so nice for her to have the hotspot so she can use it with her laptop when she's out of the office.

Did I mention her touch screen though it feels cheaper (has kind of a hollow bounce to it when tapped) seems more responsive and more sensitive then my Pre?

A pixi with a bigger screen, wifi, and more RAM would be amazing!