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    Will be recieving my new Palm Pre in about a weeks time. I am a UK user and bought the phone from Expansys on a contract with Vodafone. Will I have any problems using webOS as Vodafone is not the usual network provider. Will there be any other issues that I should be aware of. Excuse my ignorance but I'm new to webOS. Thanks in advance.
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    WebOS is the operating system, it will work and do it's thing regardless of what provider you are using.

    However, the provider may affect certain features. Some things, such as GPS navigation and etc. may be unavailable to you.

    You really have to check how much they support the phone and what apps and etc. they provide.
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    ive defo seen ppl on here talking about using a pre on vodafone (mayb unblocked payg sim) im not sure

    oh and b4 any1 else slaves u 4 puttin this in the wrong part of the forum it belongs in the gsm part but hey i say a pres a pre no matter where it is lol
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    I purchased a new pre from ebay locked to O2. I unlocked it and have been using it with a vodafone contract sim ever since. I have had it 2 months now. Everything works as it should and I didn't need to mess with any settings, it just works.
    best phone i have ever had. Apart from battery life!
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    Many thanks for that. Makes me feel much better about the Pre on Vodafone. Have a Centro at the moment (pay as you go) I've always had palm phones so the Pre was a logical choice. Been looking at the Pre on youtube and looks to be 'great'. Expansys give you the unlocked Pre with a 20 a month contract (24 months).

    Downside is - order was placed 3 weeks ago and still no phone. They say I should get by this Saturday. Fingers crossed.
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    I unlocked my Pre and used it on Orange.

    Works flawlessly, didn't even need to change any settings to get internet or mms.

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