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    I'm a newbie to Pre, and very interested on Cellflare, however, I can't find out the path of my friend in the webpage (it just indicates the position when he start up the Cellflare in Pre, without continuing to indicate the path that he moves on .....)

    Is it necessary to have service provider to activate Cellflare, or just install the software into the phone and then set up the details in the webpage of Cellflare?
    If so, how to set up both of Cellflare in the phone and webpage in order to work out

    P.S. is there any other software easier and more simple than Cellflare to have the similar functions?

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    I suggest you send your question to the Cellflare forum as it sounds like an issue with the Cellflare software rather than your palm pre. Cellflare - Forums

    Note: Some Verizon pre plus users have reported bad GPS locks with their phones.
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    I have installed cellflare on my Blackberry mobile.
    It does work well but the pull down menu in the pinging interval list box does not list 10 sec.
    The minimu it lists is 30 sec. Now i have downloaded the application from blackberry appworld which clearly mentions 10 sec as the minimu interval.
    Even after doing a series of re-installing i notice the same issue .
    I cant figure out why. Please revert

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