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    Well it took about a week or so to get my Pre+ but it finally got here. First thing we do is try and get homebrew on it. My dad and I tried and tried for hours budt we kept getting error no device found at the very end. So we're doing some googling and reading on here and while we're doing that, I try and put it in deveopler mode again using the up up..... code, last time I had tried using the webos20090606 and I thought it was in dev mode but apparently, it wasn't.
    Soon as I entered the code again and REALLY got it into dev mode it recognized the phone and we had homebrew *smh*
    I've added a few things already but am curious as what people usually add first? Also, is there an Ohio State theme somewhere? I tried looking for one but I must be looking in the wrong spot.
    First impression of this phone is that I'm going to love the OS. I already like the cards and how seemless this bad boy multitasks. It's been pretty cool so far, can't wait to learn more.
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    Click the link on my signature for my suggestions.
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    download govnah and uberkenel then overclock ur phone to 800 mhz it's very easy to do and it makes the phone alot quicker
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    Load Preware and then patch the hell out of it!
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    killaz123 you shouldn't post that without including the caveat that if they have a warranty on their phone, overclocking will void it.
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    Overclock it at your own risk. There's warranty issues that could be involved.

    The first thing I usually do when I go into homebrew(after doctor or whatever) is put on Preware. That will be your main source of everything.
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    Having put Preware on the phone, if you want some ideas for which patches to install, try this thread.
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    Welcome to the world of webOS. You can find some good links here:

    Enjoy your new Pre!
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