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    So we've been trying to look into the new data limits o2 introduced on the 24th of June. I thought it only applied to new and upgrading customers, with existing customers continuing with the unlimited data until such time as they upgrade. However after a call to o2 today, they have told us that as of Oct 1st all o2 customers will be capped to the same 500mb/750mb depending on what contract they pay.

    Is this the case, can anyone who's looked into it let me know... 500mb isn't enough for a smartphone when you don't have wifi.

    we've tried looking at the o2 website but it had conflicting information.
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    I've got a friend who works for O2 so I'll try and find out if they know the details. From what I was aware the changes in the plan do not affect existing customers unless you upgrade your phone or change your contract. I'd be seriously annoyed if they do change the limit for existing customers as I regularly use over 500mb each month, even with access to wifi.
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    No, it doesn't apply to existing customers. However, in October it will. An in-store sales rep told me this.
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    If it does apply, then I wonder can we break contract without penalty ?? O2 have substantially moved the goalposts on what we signed up for IMO.
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    I have checked into this, it wont effect us until our contract renewal date in 2011. The October deadline is for customers who have purchased a smartphone since the new data limit was introduced they are getting "unlimited" data until October. So anybody that boought a Pre at launch has "unlimited" data for the remainder of our contracts.
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    So I've done some more digging, and what I have found is that...

    New/upgrading customers get unlimited until Oct 1st, and then get capped to the limit of their tariff. Lady on o2 customer service said that at/near that cap you will get a text basically saying you will get cut off (from data) unless you buy a bolt on to add more data.

    For existing customers (started before 24th June), we also get unlimited until Oct 1st, but then they will enforce an excessive use policy "Existing customers will continue under their present terms, unlimited data usage with an Excessive Use Policy." Guess what that policy will be, the same limits as everyone else dependant on what your tariff is.

    According to the lady I spoke to at o2, new/upgrading can add bolt-ons at 5 for 500mb and 10 for 1gb. For some reason existing customers (started before 31st Dec 2009 however) can add unlimited (I thought we had that) for 7.50 a month.

    Can anyone add more, or give source info?
    For those that don't know we are talking about (which is where my above quote comes from.
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    You might also want to take a look at your contract where it says that you can keep your current plan open for 5 years. I will dig up the exact quote now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip smith View Post
    You might also want to take a look at your contract where it says that you can keep your current plan open for 5 years. I will dig up the exact quote now.
    That would be REALLY useful
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    Now that would be a very handy clause indeed.
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    Well I have this one as well with unlimited data plan. I really hope they keep it for existing customers.
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    I moved to O2 from T-Mobile at the begining of June and was really pleased that I got in before the deadline. I will definately have to drag out the contract and check the terms.

    Wouldn't changing the contract through fair usage policy be a form of contract breach? I wonder this because having been with T-Mobile since the Mercury 121 days, up until 18 months ago I was on an extinct tarriff. They kept offering me new tarriffs but contractually couldn't change the one that I was on...

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