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    i use my pre so often when surfing the web that i've pretty much converted to a 'ok, why not' desktop guy. i usually end up on the net at my desktop when i finish playing a game; kinda like a offhanded habit (probably from subliminal spam poisoning accumulating in my brain for years). typically if need something off the net, i won't walk to the desktop, i'll grab my pre.

    my primary internet weapon of choice is my pre.

    so much so, that just a moment ago, i was popping open threads (sitting at my desktop) - and then when i found something interesting i caught myself double clicking the mouse while hovering over the text field - trying to center and enlarge the field on my monitor.

    brainwashed, i am... by my stupid phone.

    by the way - if you get into a strange conversation with somebody you don't like, and you put your finger on their forehead & swipe up - they will not get small. not only that, if you do the forehead & swipe up thing twice - they will not go away...

    and a small note on the notifications, then i will go away. i am usually surrounded by a fifty fifty mix of smart-phones & candy bars. and of late i have been paying particular attention to their email and messaging alerts. lights flashing, screaming noises - urgency...



    i live a quiet life...

    and i like to turn my ringer off.

    and i don't mind when that little gentle light calls quietly - and the little message pops up, just in case i happen to be using my pre at the time:

    "hey david, sorry to interrupt, but somebody might or might not want you to interact with them... no big deal - just thought you should know. i'll just go mind my own business..." - then disappears.

    the light will remain until i pay attention to it's source (that's what it gets paid for), but that little light is not bright enough to wake you up if you're asleep, but bright enough to notice if you're awake."

    you may now continue with your regularly scheduled day.
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    agreed, been on my pc all night, damnit it needs a qwerty keyboard, multi-touch and gesture support. i wouldnt even be on it,(but dr'd the pre) i just use it as an extra alarm clock now. its funny how the screen goes all hues when i try to tap
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Hah... to tell the truth I loaded sonar pings onto my phone for most of my audible notifications... they are soft and subtle... quiet enough not to disturb people... but still distinctive enough to catch my attention... 1 ping for an email... 2 pings for text or im... and then 6 pings for a phone call. You cant even hear it outside my office... and unless you are familiar with the sound, most people dont notice the submarine in my pocket either.

    Im in the process of making an "office" them... nice and clean, new sounds for most of the system... all based on graphical representation of sonic waveforms... would work great with mode switcher to put you in office mode when the work day begins.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly by the way... I dont care for others in the office to be able to tell when I have a text coming in, or email... or even a phone call. I am not a slave to my device... I will pay attention to it, and anyone who attempts to communicate with me through it when I am good and ready. I also have a number of special pings for more important people... that way I know which pings I can ignore and which I shouldnt.

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