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    You know, that sound that is made when one throws a card/app off the screen?

    It's been an interesting 24+ hours while I doctored and replaced apps and added back my patches and somewhere it seems I've managed to lose that sound.

    I'm also not entirely sure why it is that I can't get my screenstate into 800/500 via Uberkernel and Govnah?

    Running the repair utility right now just in case and just because. The finish line to my first trip to the doctor is now in sight, just might be crawling across that finish line is all!
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    Make sure your system sounds volume is turned up.
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    good luck.

    my main reason to post was to say I like the green font!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScorpionSoul View Post
    Make sure your system sounds volume is turned up.
    I knew it was likely simple but I've been through so many screens and settings in the last 24+, I just wasn't remembering where it was I needed to look!
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    Plus one on the green font!

    Pull the battery and wait a few minutes, after double checking all ur sounds of corse. Run the interactive tests also.
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    Ditto on the green font. It's a view of fresh sight on the eyes.

    And +1 for ScorpionSoul.
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    ur phone is probably stuck in headset mode

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