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    What is the fastest way to reacquire a lost connection?

    Sometimes I'll lose my connection for an extended period of time, because I'll be in a dead zone. (like in a subway, or in a certain part of a building) When I finally step out of the dead zone, sometime my connection is reacquired immediately, while other times it takes several minutes. Most often when the latter happens, I generally have to restart my phone, to have it "wake up" and look for a signal.

    Is there a faster way?
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    airplane mode, turn on and off.
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    Yes, unfortunately, I've tried that a couple times. Once quickly, and another being in airplane mode for a minute, then switching back. Both times didn't take.
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    to reacquire a lost connection hmmmm.... Sometimes a few homemade choco chip cookies and a glass of cold milk can do the trick.
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    You might try going to Phone -> Preferences -> Update Network Settings. Don't know if that will help, but it's worth a try.
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    The best way is probably to do a Luna restart. It might not be the fastest but its faster than restarting the whole phone.
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    Install the mega mix patch for the phone menu, and then pull down the menu, go to phone, and then turn off/on phone radio or data. Sometimes if you've lost your connection you will see that they are both off already. Turn them back on.
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    I open the phone app and hit ##evdo# and just tap save, it resets the connection and puts me back on EV.
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    Turning the radio off then on works for me.
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    I use "Luna Manager" and just hit Rescan... usually only takes a second or two

    can be found in preware.

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    I deal with it by turning the radio off as soon as I get into the subway, then on when I step out and it's instant. If I leave the radio on while I'm down there and the just fip it off/on when I come out it still takes a minute to connect.

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