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    Where do you find it? I can't see Navit in the app catalogue or preware...
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    Hi Andy, look at this thread:

    In the end I was able to get it to work following the exact steps explained on wiki
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowning73 View Post
    - use a tomtom or any other gps navigation system?
    - file transfer files via bluetooth?
    +1 on this!

    i used my treo650's OBEX a lot. very convenient to snap a picture with the treo's camera and BT transfer the picture to my laptop to use with listing items on ebay. or to quickly send them to someone else's phone! pictures from a phone's camera aren't ever big enough that i've found myself tapping my foot waiting for the pic to transfer. it's usually 5 seconds, tops. now if i take a picture with my pre, i believe my options are emailing it to myself, or hook up the usb cable & yank it via that. i think i might have seen a $5 or $6 app that lets you transfer via WIFI.

    the only reason i held off getting a pre til last month was because i wasn't sure i wanted to downgrade from having 16gb available on my treo's sdcard to having 8gb internal storage with no expansion options. i had no idea the pre didn't have OBEX until i decided i was going to not let the storage bother me coz i wanted to go with palm's new device. talk about a surprise (well, that and not having bdays from contacts put into the palm calendar, but i digress) that there's no OBEX. if the feature was in the treo650, it should be in the pre, is my opinion! adding features, yes! dropping those features in future releases, no.
    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    Whenever you get something which has a bluetooth stack with a file transfer protocol, which will be quickly forgotten as bluetooth isn't as fast as a cable, or in any way what-so-ever secure. Maybe it's just me but when anyone can set their computer to read all bluetooth traffic and have the ability to hear all headset conversations and catch all contact transfers, I'm just a little leering about transferring files over it.
    my opinion is, the best thing to do is include the additional bluetooth bells & whistles & have them defaulted to OFF so that the user can decide. if you don't want to take the security risk, then leave your bluetooth OFF.

    maybe palm's decision was not enough people found it useful? or maybe it was the carrier's decision, for all i know. sprint's current plans include unlimited pic-messaging, so i don't know why they would say no to OBEX, but who knows. i remember when softick first came out with audiogateway, so the treo could have a2dp and i was so happy to buy that app.

    just my $0.02. please don't think my attitude is to be crappy here. sure OBEX is useful but i'm very happy with my pre and am blown away by all the patches and homebrew available. some incredible stuff! i guess it's just inevitable to miss things when they change on you

    palm! OBEX! do it!
    Last edited by bry4n; 07/27/2010 at 04:20 AM. Reason: just saw this was in the GSM-pre subforum. whoops! well, it applies to all palm pre phones i guess.
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    I use Flickr Uploadr. Uploading the photo takes a moment. It is in your browser on your computer almost immediately. Then I have the photos available already resized into: small, medium, large, thumbnail, and your original. Download any of those sizes. Some sites have tools that will pull the photos off Flickr automatically. You just give it a link.

    Flickr free accounts can do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyhurley View Post
    Where do you find it? I can't see Navit in the app catalogue or preware...
    Nice thread and it sounds great, I still can't find it in the testing feed though :-(
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    Andy, on manage feeds in the Preware new function write on new feed webos-testing-all
    and then write this URL http: //, then click on add new

    step 2 is to write on new feed webos-testing-armv7
    and then wrtite this URL http: //

    these two feeds will make Navit appear on your Pre

    You MUST have OS version 1.4.5 though

    Hope that helps
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    Thanks, that was the problem. Initially I had 'all' configured thinking that did all packages (silly me!). Then I did 'armv7' and still had problems.

    The solution is to have both of course. Got there in the end. I can't seem to set a destination though but that is probably just me not knowing my way round - it's good to know there is something in this sector though and it can only get better.
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    Yep, I think it's not the best, pretty poor actually for now, I can't even set my local language so I'm using it in English, looks like a huge drain to the battery as well, but as you say it's a start, so big thumbs up to Navit
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    +1 for keyboard and file xfer. i miss the ability from the treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowning73 View Post
    - use a tomtom or any other gps navigation system?
    How is this related to bluetooth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kill_Dano View Post
    How is this related to bluetooth?
    It's not. If you look some post above, a moderator changed the thread name God knows why. I specified in the original title thread two issues, namely bluetooth AND navigation system
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