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    I use my GPS constantly for Geocacheing. The only way I can get it to work is to first launch and RUN VZ Navigator. I have to launch the map app in VZ Nav, which means I am paying 9.95 a month for the privilege of using my GPS!!

    I have tried some of the supposed solutions but have had no luck.
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    Did you try GPS Wrestler? That does seem to be able to awaken my GPS.
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    There is a patch in Preware that fixes the GPS....
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    I thought all you had to do was open the app and then close it. You don't get charged the 9.99 unless you accept it and use the navigator
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    Quote Originally Posted by upsidedown View Post
    Will Verizon EVER fix the Pre GPS issue???
    Considering this issue, such as it is, is unique to VZW phones I'd say it's intentional. This leads me to believe things will stay broken. Very sad.
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    I have not had luck with the patches or GPS wrestler....but perhaps I am using them wrong. This is what I have tried and the results:

    1) Not subscribed to VZ Navigator - > Open the app -> do not click on accept -> Open Google Maps. I do not seem to get a GPS fix.

    2) GPS Wrestler confirms GPS is active and working, but I do not get a fix.

    3) Patch does not seem to have an impact

    4) Subscribe to VZ Navigator -> Launch VZ Navigator -> Click on map icon. Launch Google Maps and I seem to get a fix within 30 seconds.
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    But why would this problem be specific to the VZW Pre? I have not heard complaints about it from VZW Pixi owners.
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    Because Verizon wanta Pre users to switch to Droids...
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    Verizon intentionally disabled aGPS outside of it's Navigator app...but there is a patch to reenable worked fine for me. My Pre Plus was always a mile or two off, but now it's dead on. I really hate Verizon.
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    First, I am in direct contact with Verizon Wireless about this, and am hopeful I will make progress. Second, as someone whose Pre Plus GPS can only be woken up using the VZ Navigator splash screen (GPS Wrestler has never worked for me), I worked with developer James Harris on a new mini-app that is meant to keep a Pre Plus GPS working *after* VZ Navigator jump starts it. Find the thread about this here. Please download and try the app and report your results. Thanks. {Jonathan}
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    On my Verizon Pre Plus the GPS fix is about 50 meters off while moving and about a mile off after I stop.
    I have tried to Open VZ Navigator -> do not click on accept -> Open Google Maps and my GPS fix is about a mile off when sitting still.
    GPS Wrestler confirms GPS is active, but my fix is a mile off when sitting still.
    The GPS Patch exhibits the same response as other programs.
    Sometimes I get a correct fix for about a minute then the fix will shift to a tower location

    All programs that use GPS exhibit the same characteristics, YPmobile, BFGMaps, Google Maps, Mobil Phone Tracker, Etc…

    I hope Palm and Verizon will find a fix for this soon - If Verizon would play nice with other GPS applications I would consider paying for VZ Navigator but I refuse to the have phones GPS held hostage by a carrier so they can sell subscriptions to apps.
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    this is unreal. answer shopping on vzw tech support line is a mixed bag of blame and denial. now even the vz navigator fix is risky at best.

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