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    Out camping right now, and it's strange. My Pre is reporting an EV signal for data, yet the phone signal say roaming. How can that be?

    If I put it in "roam only" mode, the data drops to 1X.
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    your roaming on alltel towers. It has EV data roaming agreements with sprint
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    awesome! Didn't know that!

    How come the roam only patch drops it to 1X then? Does the patch not take into account that you could be roaming with an Ev data connection?
  4. #4 there a way we can just roam on alltel when its available?
    Is it possible to pick between verizon and alltel when roaming?
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    No, you can't pick the towers you roam on, you can only restrict your phone to just using Sprint, which would mean disabling roaming.

    As to an EV signal while roaming, yes, just as the other posters said. It is possible.

    I managed to get it in Canada, whenever I am up there.

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