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    fingers crossed.

    Loved Santa Cruz when I was in the Army. Loved the boardwalk. Oh how I miss CALI!!!!
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    Things appear to be looking up. I installed the original Palm Kernel to get things back to where they need to be and now have successfully installed Uberkernel. My profiles and syncs seem to be back ok. I have patches to reinstall and a few wayward Hombrew apps that didn't make it back but things definitely appear a bit rosier than a few hours ago. I have pages to reorganize and move purchased apps (a whole library of ebooks) and miscellaneous other "housekeeping" duties to perform over the next few days, but I'm in a much better place thanks once again to the members of this forum!! Fortunately, I have my list of installed apps and patches at the office so can start the housekeeping duties from there.

    However, I fear that I'm going to have challenges with the patches as they weren't removed and will likely not want to install. If I could just figure out why I can't get it to doctor properly. I've had to perform most of the steps to get things back anyway. Frustrating . . .

    So far, so good. I've successfully installed (or is it reinstalled?) several of my patches; even those that seemed to have left pieces behind and things are still moving in the right direction. Going to bed now. My contacts are past their bedtime! Cheers! More tomorrow (or later today depending on where you are). G'Night.
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    have you tried doctoring from wosqi directly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5 sisters View Post
    have you tried doctoring from wosqi directly?
    I wasn't aware I could do that. How would I do that?

    Aha! I found in WOSQI where the "panic button" feature for performing the doctor process is and it now looks like I can get it to perform this. I need to doctor because I'd been successful with most but not all of the patches for reinstallation.
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    Wow! I could have saved all of us on this post a whole lot of time and typing (and me a partial coronary) if I had only remembered that one could doctor from the WOSQI!!. I did (finally) perform the doctoring process successfully and the phone is now running through restoring my Palm Profile. I have a boatload of things yet to do starting with updating it to the latest OS and I may even wait for the next one before proceeding after that with the patches, Govnah, Uberkernel, theme and moving my apps around to extra pages, not to mention the data I need to put back into some of my apps but YAHOO! Thanks to all of you awesome rocking PreCentral people!!

    I have learned so much. Theming, doctoring, quick repair, patches, saving web page links to the launcher page and them making their icons look nice and a massive amount of other info all from here!

    I do find it just a little strange that I have my eight Launcher pages now rather than the three that are stock but that's just fine by me because I had added extra pages following one of the patches to allow me to do so anyway and this will save me huge amounts of time moving and organizing apps!! Sweet!

    Forgot what my phone looked like "stock". It looks a little weird!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalex View Post
    Install Restore Kernel from preware. its original untouched kernel from Palm. once its installed u will be able to install uberkernel
    qwiklight, thanks for this thread, and kalex, thanks for the solution. I had the same symptoms today, and installing the orignal Pre kernal from Preware resolved it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalex View Post
    Install Restore Kernel from preware. its original untouched kernel from Palm. once its installed u will be able to install uberkernel
    This...this right here...saved the day for me!

    For reference, it's simply called "Palm Kernel" in PreWare and it saved the day for me!

    I got the dreaded "You have been logged out of your Palm Profile" message. When the phone reset, EVERYTHING was back to stock...didn't have the opportunity to remove patches...or UberKernel...before it did this.

    The patches seem to be able to be reinstalled overtop of themselves (You get a message saying "Patch already seems to be installed", but it works), but not UberKernel. I got the same big long error list that the OP got.

    However, with this little tip, I was able to install the factory Palm Kernel, and then put UberKernel back in place!

    All is once again right with the world!
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