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    Just recently figured out preware, homebrew etc... Can't say how much I love my phone now, my friends with iphones are starting to get REALLY jealous, haha.

    So my problem with both of these apps, I have installed them both with Preware, and found some sources for data on the web. I followed the instructions on where to put them on my phone, and did the necessary relabeling of file extensions. When I open either app, it goes to the proper menu screen, I pick which ROM I want to use, it appears to start loading, and 9 times out of 10, reboots my phone and brings me back to my "home screen". I do not have any kernals running, I tried installing the uberkernal but it says not available for the 1.4.5 version at the moment. So not being all the techy, not sure if I'm missing something or not. Thanks in advance for any and all help
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    Are you sure that those items are compatible with 1.4.5? Most stuff isn't, so far, because the update hasn't been released on the major U.S. carriers, yet.
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    ah maybe that's the case, I already had the 1.4.5 update prior to installing those apps, so not sure if that's the problem. Maybe I'll just delete them and try them out in a couple of weeks and see if it works then. Running off Bell Mobility in Canada, which got the update last week.

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