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    Hi guys

    Unfortunately i had the misfortune of my usb door breaking off and since i live in Australia havent got easy access to parts so instead of leaving the door off or having it fall off while in use i decided to modify the usb door. I glued the whole door on using super glue and then drilled out a small whole using a dremel (being careful of the connector) and then extended the hole using the dremel. I did this until the hole was the suitable size.

    I have tried to attach a photo.
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    check your pm.
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    do you have a picture of the pre with the usb cable in it as well? Can you get any closer it looks neat. I wish the usb door was like the pixi's usb door.
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    why not just take the door off?
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    I think he was trying to keep it protected as much as possible.
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    I didnt take the USB door off because it leaves a massive hole in the device (aesthetics)

    The phone was off and when i plugged it in the palm logo came up. just added that to show that the phone still charges.
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    Great work! it looks much better than a gaping wound.
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    I just put up with the gaping wound....
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    Mine just snaps back in and stays pretty tightly, so I ignore it!

    I really don't care and am not going to get worked up about a silly little, flimsy piece of plastic.
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    nice work. must have been a pain working with such a small piece. alot better than being without cover.

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