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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    I always wonder about this... my electronics always last a good while and look good for a long time. Yet other people I know, their phones fall apart after a short period, they have to replace controllers constantly for game consoles... on and on. I dont baby my devices by any means, and use them heavily, yet Ive never been able to identify behavior in other people that would tell my why everything they own falls apart so fast.
    Honestly, I'm surprised that the phone is doing what it's doing. I don't baby the phone and I use it how I'm supposed to, but I'm not particularly rough on it. But if it would help you out, and you're not acting like a ****, in order of appearance...

    Light leakage=spontaneous
    USB door falling off=spontaneous
    Crack at top of phone=from a drop onto concrete at waist level
    Crack stemming from USB door=spontaneous

    Everything that happened from USB door onward has happened in the past few months.

    # of times dropped onto something besides a carpet: once
    History of cases: Seidio innocase
    Screen protector: phantomskinz

    I feel that the phone shouldn't be degrading like it has been. I shouldn't have to treat the phone like it's made out of glass. And if it's a phone from a bad batch, that's inexcusable too.
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    I like WebOS and all but unless HP releases some kick *** hardware I might have to make the jump to Android. If Google does something about the fragmentation then WebOS is pretty much dead because that is really the only thing keeping many people from switching.
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    I can understand the phone may have problems... and I wasnt acting like a ****. I was making a commentary about people who have to constantly replace devices... its a pattern in their lives. Didnt make any mention of you at all, nor did my examples line up with anything you had said.

    As for the spontaneous problems... or lack of quality I cant make any commentary on that at all... like I said in my original post... Ive had 5 of the phones, 3 of them seeing HEAVY use as a travelling employing that is on a plane every day, and I havent seen these problems, so I dont know where they stem from.
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    Well, then I will act like a d**k. I am tired of listening to people talk about how they love WebOS, but they are jumping ship because of the hardware. It would be one thing if Sprint or Palm weren't replacing them but they are. The cloud and Homebrew make it a piece of cake to switch devices. I am on my 2nd Pre since 6/6/09, and I know I probably baby my phone, but then it is a sophisticated device that should not be tossed around like a beanbag. Take care of your phone, use patches and Homebrew to truly make it your phone, and enjoy the experience. With HP money, and Palm ingenuity, this is the smartphone of the future. Every one of you that bails out on us is just chiseling away at the commitment to this future, so when we do make it, don't come back and try to take credit for it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    I can understand the phone may have problems... and I wasnt acting like a ****.
    Oops sorry wasn't referring to you.
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    Back to the op's question,
    like the golden arches slogan "i'm lovin' it!".
    Pre|central Peacekeepers
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    Quote Originally Posted by rush View Post
    Been through bad times and good, looking back- more good than bad, so that's great. Anyway loving my palm pre from sprint.
    Plus 1. Just like a giddy school kid.
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    Im kinda glad most people didnt pee a little...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    Who here cant imagine a mobile OS replacing webOS in their life at this time?

    I don't know how someone could give up this operating system and the Touchstone for a phone with monotasking and wireD charging.

    Actually, I think I do know. People don't usually use their devices for all they're worth so they don't fully appreciate what they can do. Once you go for wireless charging, I can't see going back. Pausing games and...anything else, for that matter, is invaluable. The iOS way would drive me batty if that were my phone.

    Luckily, it's just the iPad I'm using. Without the Pre, though, even this device would get on my nerves. Multitasking is a must these days. Having the Pre helps me approximate that experience when I am locked into one app at a time on the iPad.

    Ok. I'm rambling. I need to wake up some more. Later.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    USB Door crack at eight months. Sprint replaced unit.

    Waiting for some better hardware.

    Hopefully my Pre will make it to the end of my contract.
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    I love my Pre & this site! I have looked at the andoid phones for my friend needing to replace her orig inskunk phone because these phones are closer in size+vkb but frankly, I can't stand any of them. They seem far less useable for an avg user and the os seems so wild west, the platform more suits tech heads/geeks. The only reason I haven't gotten her to pre is cause she's a bit hard on phones and hasn't really grasped typing on mine. The only thing the orig inskunk had going is it was a brick. Love my Pre & you guys/gals !
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