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    Well I've had my pre plus( verizon ) for about two months and we just took our family vacation ( drove from Louisiana to New York ). There was alot of driving so we used the wi-fi surfing on the laptop . I downloaded apps and used them all ( a few great radio ones on top of the stuff i already had on it) took alot of pictures and shot video of a great air show.. The only down fall was I dropped it on a gravel driveway and even though i had a cover it still got a nice gouge on the screen.. everything still works fine. This phone is great ..
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    There are naturally a few things that can be improved on the pre... its a first generation phone after all... BUT... I love my pre. The most satisfied Ive ever been with any phone, and Ive had a lot. Hopped on board during launch, havent looked back.

    Glad you enjoyed your trip and found a place for the pre in it.
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    Ditto i'm still on my first launch Pre here in Canada also. No problems. Works just the way I want it to.
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    I concur, this is the best phone I have ever used. I love the simplicity and the ability to customize the Pre to your needs. I haven't thought about another phone since I bought this one. Launch day waited in front of Radio Shack from 5:30am until it opened.

    ozzgood75 welcome to Precentral.
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    Thanks guys .. I still have alot of things i want to do with this phone so im soakin up all the information i can .. i just dont know where to start..

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