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    So, I gave up my Palm Pre. At the risk of sounding like I'm pulling a similar joke multiple times, I'll say up front it's only temporary.

    As I mentioned in another thread, my release day Pre developed the USB port case crack, and I had to return it after a little more than a year. Turns out the refurb they gave me also had a problem - the camera only worked intermittently. By that, I mean that it didn't work more often than it did. After 3 very frustrating trips to a Sprint repair center, with a 4th scheduled; I called Palm to ask some questions. Short version of that story is the the Sprint rep and the store manager both told me that my camera problem was a "known defect" in Pres, and that my replacement would be another refurb, possibly with the same problem, and if that happened, they would not replace it. Without belaboring the point, trust me, I didn't settle for that, I've been in touch with executive services at Sprint; however, I don't see that as a widespread Sprint issue, just a problem with that particular store.

    But that isn't my point here. I called Palm to verify that there was no such "known issue" with the Pre (there isn't). Palm ran me through some troubleshooting, and said the camera on the refurb was defective, and agreed to replace my phone with a new one. So, I shipped it back, and fired up my battered and forgotten Treo 755P.

    I've seen posts on here fondly reminiscing about how "snappy" the PalmOS was, how much better the calendar was, and how they preferred the email client. Sorry folks, but I gotta tell you, I think that view is like fondly looking back at high school days, thinking about the carefree summers and the good looking blonde that sat two seats in front of you in algebra. You forget about Butch that was fond of mega-wedgies, and that the blonde stood you up for a date while she giggled in her living room with her friends that you were dorkie enough to believe she'd go to the game with you (c'mon, admit it - you were that kid too!!) I suspect the fondness for the old PalmOS days are similar to those false memories.

    The OS is snappy, when I can remember where the program is (no universal search, ThankYouVeryMuch), the calendar tried to get way too much information in too small a space, messenger was way too limited and poorly arrainged, the email program was truly so-so (and not only can I not get my multiple EAS accounts set up, I can't get ONE of them set up properly), and no, I don't want to sync with my computer. My PC doesn't have the application on it, and I don't want it to! I won't even mention the problems with the "browser", other than to say "Connecting to Power Vision" really zaps some of the "snappiness" out of the OS! You forget about things like notifications, vibrant colors, smooth movements and an unbelievably intuitive interface. Oh, and one final observation/rant - where did I put that $%^&#$ stylus!!!!

    No, I don't miss the "good old days" at all. They were the best back then, but I like what I have now (or will have again soon) better.
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    would you like to borrow my Centro? I remember it to be MUCH better than my Pre... oh, wait...
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    Couldn't even think about going back to my Centro..... and I loved that phone for almost 2 whole years. The Pre (and once again even a Sprint Pre) has taken my expectations so high for what I do..... er it just does without me doing. Then there are the things I can do, that it just does. Then I guess I get to the things I can do with it..... but really by that point I have done so much with what it does for me that I get to lazy to do the things I can do. =)
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    I couldn’t agree more – earlier I read some posts about the how universal search on PalmOS was so much better than WebOS. I thought to myself that I must have not known how to use my 755P as I don’t remember universal search or synergistic calendars on that device. My Pre Plus is truly the best smartphone I have ever owned.
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    I'll pray for you. I think your gonna need it.

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