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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a newbie to WebOS/Pre and in need of some clarifications and answers. I'm from Singapore. Over the weekends, I received a locked O2 UK Pre Plus from my friend in the UK. My friend has helped to activate and register the Palm Profile under my email address with the phone in the UK. I received the email from Palm and the verification was successful. Now comes the questions:

    1. I know that I could go to to purchase an unlock code to unlock the O2. Do I still need to doctor my Pre+ to bypass first use activation before unlocking? Is webdoctoring necessary in my case?

    2. In my Palm Profile online account, I can see my friend's UK O2 mobile number registered to the Pre+. If I put in my own sim card (Singapore), can I still receive OTA update?

    3. Also will I have access to the UK App Catalog?

    4. If one day I hard reset the phone to factory state, do I go through the Palm Profile activation process again? Bearing in mind that the phone is registered to a UK O2 mobile number in the Palm Profile online account and using a non-O2 sim card.

    I appreciate all of your comments and replies. Thanks.

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    Hi tomi,

    At this moment I have yet to put in my own sim card into the Pre+. I'm in the process of obtaining an unlock code now. Once unlocked, I will be able to know whether I have 3G out of the box or need to provide the APN settings. My suspicion is it should be out of the box. Imagine those folks who travel around and they would need to manually setup the data connection every time.

    From your comments on point 2, it looks like Palm is tracking based on email address and IMEI number in the Palm Profile (a copy exist on the phone?) and then update the tel number online if it is different.

    Really appreciate your reply

    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    1. Just put in your sim and it will ask for a network code. Then you can proceed to unlock it.

    2. Yes. The online profile will be auto updated with your new number.

    3. Yes at the moment I think so, although Singapore used to be blocked. But you need a European credit card to buy them.

    4. Yes, that would be the case. No problem though. You can forget about the UK o2 number activation. The phone is yours. You can just create a new profile and do whatever you want.

    Bear in mind, you either need a data connection at profile creation, or use metadoctor to bypass the activation screen. Then you can enable wifi and continue activation.
    Do you have 3G/G out of the box?
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    Thanks tomi! Will feedback once I unlock the Pre+.
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    Hi tomi,

    Finally unlocked my O2 Pre+ successfully and managed to get it to connect to my local network operator Singtel in Singapore. I have access to the free and paid apps now.

    I have a few questions:

    1. If I do a FULL ERASE, will I be prompted to create a new palm profile or still be able to sign in to my existing palm profile created and activated in the UK previously?

    2. Does the FULL ERASE wipe out my operator network connection details or revert to default O2 settings?

    3. By doing the FULL ERASE, will I still be able to access the paid apps?

    4. If I perform a webos doctor operation, will I be able to sign in to my existing palm profile created and activated in the UK previously?

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    Hi tomi,

    I really appeciate your replies. Regarding point 2, I manually input the network information on the Pre+ without editing the db3 file.

    I have an aunt who is living in the UK and I'm thinking of piggybacking on her credit card to purchase the paid apps. How I wish the App Catalog allows payment by PayPal.

    I have both the AT&T and O2 Pre+. One thing I observe is that the build quality is slightly better on the AT&T set. The sliding mechanism is smooth and doesn't exhibit friction/resistance during the movement. Also the cap cover on the microUSB port is stiff and secured on the AT&T unit.

    I'm glad to move to the Pre+ although some of the apps like Slingbox is not available yet. Definitely a positive UI experience for me so far on the Pre+. Looking forward to their 2.0 devices.

    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    1. Yes, you will be prompted to either log in with an existing profile or create a new one.

    2. Yes, it does wipe the settings. Did you enter the settings manually or did you edit the carrier network db3 file on the phone?

    3. Your phone will always have access to the paid apps, no matter how many new profiles you create.

    4. Yes, you can just move from one profile to the other. You will most certainly run into problems sooner or later if you do this a lot, because it is a Pre.

    In short; there's a lot you can do with your phone. You will be able to create whichever new account you want, using whatever email you want. And you will always have access to paid apps. Have you figured out a way to pay for the apps?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozzilla View Post
    Finally unlocked my O2 Pre+ successfully and managed to get it to connect to my local network operator Singtel in Singapore. I have access to the free and paid apps now.
    I just started using an O2 Germany Pre+ this week on Singtel here in Singapore. The German one is sold unlocked, and when I put my sim card in, the network was recognized automatically and I had no problem activating, using voice, SMS, or MMS. And I was able to update to 1.4.5 right away. However, the App Catalog is empty. When I browse PC's app gallery and click a download link, the App Catalog says "This application is not available in your country."

    I've been able to install some apps via WebOSQuickInstall/Preware, but really want these:

    - Amazon MP3 store
    - Mobile Hotspot (should be available to O2 Germany, I believe, and SingTel permitted my WinMo5 phone to tether)

    Is there anything I'm missing to allow the App Catalog to populate itself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Yes, if you don't activate the Pre for the very FIRST time in an official country, you don't have access to paid apps, and in some parts of the world, no apps at all.
    Some countries are even on a blocked country list.
    I looked for a patch that would allow one to appear to have activated in a country of one's choice, but didn't see one. Since this feature seems like it would be very popular in Preware, I wonder if it's been tried and found to be so hard as to be impossible?

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