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    Is there any way when getting multiple emails or texts from different people to expand the notification bar without opening the application? I know this may be confusing, but say you have 2 texts from 2 different people. You click the dialogue box indicating text, but a dialogue box remains bc of the other person texting you... Is there any way to view this without opening the notification bar.

    or say you have 6 emails... all you see is the first one. is there any way to cycle through them from the notification bar without having to open the email?
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    Good question, I'm curious about this answer as well
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    It would be great to expand all the notifications from one app in order to see them all or to action one of them.
    And when the app is open, to have an option for the other notifications not to be dismissed.

    I think notification is a great feature of webOS, still I find it very basic.

    WebOS community! What kind of improvements would you like to see as far as notification is concerned?
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    If you click on the icon for the app itself (the very left of the notification) it will take you to the spash page for that app versus the message or email showing in the notification.

    Thus you can see who has sent you new text messages or emails and the number.

    There is also an option in the email "All Inboxes" if you turn that off your notifications for email will be seperated out into individual accounts rather than all at once.

    Have you looked through the patches available through preware? Or tried doing a search through the forums? You might be surprised what you can learn or what pearls you can find if you give it some effort.

    And the notifications in webOS are primitive? Have you even used other smartphones? The notification system in webOS is worlds ahead of android and iphone... and I wont even bother comparing it to a blackberry.
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    What patches are you talking about? The "Delete from Notification"? Very useful patch indeed as It enable you to delete a email without opening the Email App. But really apart from this one, I can't find another patch which gives more feature to the notification system.

    One more thing, I have never said the notification system is primitive, it is just basic. It is the best of all the mobile OS though. No question about it.

    I'd just like to see it evolves and was asking fellow users to give some thoughts. That's it. Have a good sleep.
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    don't get me wrong, the notifications being so unobtrusive were a good reason why i got this phone. They are the best hands down! The only improvement could be like some have said in other places that if you slide to the left, you could remove all, but if u slide to the right it gets rid of the top notification and shows you whats layered underneath.

    Its just a thought...

    also, the patches are fanatastic, but for notifications all i use is the delete email one, but even then it deletes the email then doesnt show all the layered notifications underneath.
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    I am more of thinking of a pinch to zoom type feature that spreads open the notification bar as to the notifications so you could possibly read an entire text if you enable the feature or sorts

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