A few weeks ago the regular, daily slowdowns on my Pre were bad enough that I finally bit the bullet and doctored. Restoring everything was a pain, but my Pre was running great and fast.

What was happening was everything--but especially e-mail and messaging--would suddenly slow down. I would get just a while screen for a while when opening e-mail. Eventually it would catch up. It would take unusually long for sent text messages to go through (first they would not show up for 10+ seconds, then they would be greyed out, then finally they would go). Sending IMs took longer, and sometimes wouldn't seem to send at all. Other apps were slower than usual, too, but messaging and e-email were the worst.

I'm running a Sprint Pre with a few patches (nothing crazy) and had used Uberkernel and then F105.

At some point before the initial trouble started, I had a nasty crash/hang while viewing a PDF, after which I got the "Phone Offline" error that I was able to recover from. Didn't think too much of that at the time.

I should add I was also getting pretty poor battery life at this point

So, I doctor. All is well. Everything was fast, no regular daily slow downs (I do have a preset reset every night) and I was happy...until last night. Another PDF view hang up. Totally froze. Waited a long time. Finally did a battery pull. Recovered ok, or so it seemed.

Today I'm back to the slow downs. It is awful. One of my e-mail accounts was hung with the spinning update indicator as if it was connecting (this is an account I sync manually, I have two online all the time). Finally removed it. Still slow as molasses.

Ran WebOS Repair and all it returned was:
Modified file found: /etc/.rootfs_RW
which I restored.

I'm hoping maybe that solves it....but I'm also wondering if the PDF app crash isn't causing major problems. Others have reported similar sympoms.

I did upgrade to the new F105 kernel yesterday prior to the PDF crash, but since I had a similar issue before I ever used F105 I am not convinced it is at all related.

Any ideas out there? I would really like to avoid doctoring AGAIN as it was a long process to restore. I have a lot of google and facebook contacts, and contacts tend to link inappropriately or not at all. Plus it just took forever for everything to sync back.

Any help would be appreciated!