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    Other phones I had (including palm phones) had a 'type ahead' function. Some came with it, some I had to go out and get. Is this available somewhere for the Pre?

    In case I don't make sense, what I'm talking about is while you are typing, it will 'guess' what word you were going to type. I type


    and it would fill in 'would'. I could keep typing if it was something else (or even if it was 'would') or I could choose to use the 'would' it had typed. Some even had a drop down to pick other choices.
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    I think you are talking about T9 autocomplete.
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    at the moment, there is nothing like that/ I recall that feature from my 700wx and phones like the blackberry pearl.

    The closest thing is the patch that does word replacement for the 3,000 most common words. We would all line up behind you for the feature you are asking about. Personally, I'd rather have SWYPE, but intelligent typing would be a great thing, too.

    Hopefully Palm will be adding that in a future webOS release!
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    One feature I hate on the iPhone/iPad is the "intelligent" (note sarcasm) auto-complete, which I consider to be a similar feature to this. If HP were to implement this in an up-coming version of WebOS, I hope they think it through enough to give users the option to turn the feature off. I know many people might like it, but I find it to actually be counter-productive in my own personal use.
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    Yep. That's what I'm talking about. 'T9'. I could not for the life of me remember that. All I could think of was T3 which wasn't helping my search.

    I guess I will have to watch and wait. Thanks!
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    pre-fan, I am with you on that, that's always one of the first things on a phone that I TURN OFF! I find it highly annoying and it never fails to 'predict' the wrong words for me!
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    Maybe if enough people voice their opinions HERE, someone will get the ball rolling on some sort of predictive text feature...

    Id pay for it if necessary.
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    I used to love that feature on my previous dumb phones when typing in a three letter word could have to be done by punching 9 keys -- now with a qwerty keyboard I don't even think about it...

    I'm all for them implementing it for those who want it, but hope they make sure those of us who don't can turn it off.

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