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    To be honest, my first Pre with Sprint was a nightmare - part of the issue was the hardware quality (poor), and part of the issue was Sprint.

    Just got my Pre Plus on Verizon Wireless today, and I'm hoping for a better experience. We'll see - I'll keep everyone posted.

    To illustrate the gravity of my coming back to Palm, consider the phones I've owned over the past year, in order:

    LG Dare on Verizon Wireless
    Palm Pre on Sprint
    Apple iPhone on AT&T
    Kyocera Loft on Virgin Mobile
    Palm Pre Plus on Verizon Wireless

    WebOS is the only platform to which I have returned. The LG Dare was a piece of crap - software and hardware. The first Pre was awesome software-wise, and shoddy in terms of hardware. The iPhone is epic, but the AT&T network sucks (my love of iOS rivals that of WebOS). The Kyocera Loft was a very basic phone I owned after getting rid of iPhone/AT&T and deciding what I wanted my next phone to be. It was basic, but worked for what it had to do. The Palm Pre Plus will hopefully be the phone I own for the next year or so.
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    when I got my Pre Plus from Verizon first time, I absolutely hated it. My first Pre Plus was defected, so I changed it. Second one, I had few issues but I learned to avoid it. Even then I hated it. But slowly my Pre Plus is winning over my premature evaluation. Yes, we don't have enough apps but with 50% discount, I had some great apps. And lately I've been using my Mobile Hotspot, it's absolutely amazing. Even I go to the places where wifi is freely available, like in Barnes and Noble and Starbucks and MacDonald, my Pre Plus hotspot is faster. Yes, it's much faster.

    Right now, i can't live without my Pre Plus. yes, this isn't the best quality phone on the market but I got the phone for like almost free and free hotspot and cheap apps, this is clearly the best phone on Verizon Wireless right now.
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    I have had 2 Pre's total since July 1st of 2009 and love it. I just got a replacement because of crack starting from the jack and going to the left. I didn't replace it because of poor performance or other software issues. My wife has had one since day 2 of first sale and has had no issues either. (but has begun to develop a similar crack on the screen) I have had a few smartphones in my time and this one is the best one, hands down. All this talk of a new phone doesn't bother us because we love the Pre and it works for what we need it for. Sure, we could always use more memory, RAM, etc., but for now, it works. We have had issues in the past with 'too many cards' coming up but that has been solved. We love Palm, Sprint and now HP and don't plan on leaving anytime soon for the fact they do stand behind their products and if there are any issues, they will replace it, no questions asked. Not like some companies like Motorola that come out with 1, 2, 3 or whatever versions of phones instead of making the one that they have, BETTER.
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    This thread is going no where fast.
    Just look at the poll - no surprise
    Just call me Berd.
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