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    Sanjay, I have started the FirstUSE App several times with only the blue screen showing. I have not gotten the message about my palm profile to show up. How long did you have the app open? I am looking to have happen to me what happened to you, since i need to change the profile associated with my phone.
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    Actually I think I might have gotten the sequnece of even ts mixed up a little. But I had downloaded the 'First Use' app and then tried to run it a few times. Can't say exactly for how long, but it wasn't for too long. What I had overlooked in mentioning earleir was that, i had then started Preware with WiFi off and while Preware was loading or installing something, can't remember exactly, I accidently closed Preware. That is when suddenly I got the message that my phone was no longer logged into my 'palm profile'. The rest of it went exactly the way i stated in my previous post. I ended up haveing to run WebOSDoctor and then reinstall everything all over again. Ofcourse, I ended up losing all my SMSs/Call log etc. Not to mention over half a day spent restoring my phone to the way I keep it.
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