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    @OldSkoolVWLover - Thanks for the reply. Can you give a link to that thread? When I did a search, I didn't find anything real applicable. Maybe as a regular user I don't search the developer threads.
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    That's the one, thanks Andymac!
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    Thanks for the link. I just read it & it seems like that one has devolved to the same "off-topicness" that this one is trending. I subscribed to it anyway in hopes.

    It also is pointing the finger @ LunaSysMgr with no additional details.
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    I just doctored my Pre to webOS 1.4. It took it 33 seconds to get to the glowing logo stage and 1 min 44 secs 997 milisecs to show the main screen, this with no custom kernel. I'll update to 1.4.1 and install 1ghz custom kernel to see if it goes faster or slower.
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    it takes a lot of time to load up that much awesome.

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    My iPod Touch takes a long time to boot too. Not quote as long as me Pre, but not far off I'd say...
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