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    Hey everyone. Ok so I dr'd my Pre and it went through most of the process. I walked away at about 55% for maybe 5 mins. When I came back there was a msg on the comp saying it failed to reset my device. So I get the phone turned on and it looks like it actually worked. Im doing the english setup now. Its stuck signing in my email (only one acct - the other signed in fine) right now though. Should I leave it be once it gets past this email snag or dr again to be sure it took? Thanks.

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    Feels funny replying to my own post but the edit button wont work lol

    So the phone came back on. I could not add an IM account. My email would not work. My apps all came back saying they could not be installed. So back to the dr I went this time it ran perfectly and the phone is rebooting now. Hopefully when it comes back it will be normal. *fingers crossed*

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