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    I recently traveled to Europe (from the US) and had a very long day of flights with no power outlets (I can only afford to travel economy class). So I picked up a spare battery at Radio Shack prior to my trip. The spare battery was disappointing to say the least. I made the flight both directions and still had juice upon landing but just barely.

    Today I saw this Energizer Universal 8000mAh Portable Battery Pack w/ AC Wall Adapter on It is $49.99 and puts out the ideal voltage for our Pre's and Touchstones (although I think the direct USB charge would be most efficient).

    Rated Output: DC 5V~1000mA

    So if you are on the road much and need the extra capacity to get through a long day this might be a good deal for you.

    IMPORTANT NOTE - If you are reading this on any other day than July 15th 2010... Disregard. The deal on will not be there. I am sure you might find it elsewhere but probably not at that price.
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    Use the Motorola P70 portable charger. No wall outlet needed.
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    this one doesn't require a wall outlet either. The ac adapter is for charging.

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