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    How do you dismiss (get rid of) a "notification - notification"? For example, when you tap the snooze button on a calendar event notification, you get the notification that pops up and says "Snoozed for 5 minutes". But, as far as i know, there is no way to get rid of that notification to be able to get back to the other minimized notifications. Your only option is to wait for how ever many seconds it is until it goes away on it's own.
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    Same with like charging alerts.
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    And other alerts like from Radio Hibiki. It's not that I dislike that type of alert/notification, on the contrary, I actually like them in most cases. I just want to be able to get rid on them when I want to so I can continue to get something else done.
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    They go away after a couple seconds.... if theres an app you need to get into during those couple seconds you can always tap its icon.
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    Have you tried the back gesture? I don't know if that would work, but it's a possibility.
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    Those are what Palm calls "banner" notifications I is pretty annoying, especially when a music player does this in the middle of fiddling with notifications. Palm actually advises not to use them too much because it prevents the phone from going into sleep state.
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