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    My wife's Pre has started acting up. Since Task Manager is so lame, she uses the Clock/Alarm heavily. 10 or more separate alarms per day is normal. She is running a stock Sprint Pre under No patches, themes or Homebrew.

    But the last few days whenever an alarm sounds the Pre freezes, with the alarm still sounding. The only way to turn off the alarm and unfreeze the Pre is to pull the battery.

    Anyone have any ideas what's going on?
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    have you tried to dr it yet?
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    No I haven't tried the Dr. Since she is running a stock Pre, what would I need the Dr for?
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    Before doctoring, have you tried this yet?

    Power down and pull the battery, wait 30 seconds before reinstalling the battery and powering back up.

    Running Jason's Repair Utility (if you have not downloaded and using webOSQI this may not be an option).

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