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    3 or so times a day i get an error on my pre from my hotmail account saying unable to sign in, then after a few minutes if i refresh the inbox the error goes away and everythings fine...until it happens again,

    anyone have any ideas how to fix it?
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    I have the same problem on my Pixi. I assumed it was just a problem on Hotmail's end.
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    someone must have a fix for this, I mean if i dont check my phone regularly I miss lots of emails as it only goes away if I manually refresh
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    I get it too on PRE and Pixi with and email addresses, I continue to getemail after I get teh can't login msg. I clear the msg when I see it.
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    A few days ago, this issue reared its ugly head and even after refreshes, it wouldn't fix. I finally logged into my address on my computer and msn was asking questions. It needed me to verify a linked email address for some reason. Once I resolved that issue, my Pre was able to sign into msn again, but I'm still getting the "Can't sign in" error several times a day. I guess what I'm saying is to first log into your account on a computer and make sure all is well there. Other than that, I know msn is making upgrades. they keep sending me emails telling me that my Live Workplace is being upgraded to my SkyDrive. Don't know if they are related or not, but its the best I can offer for now.

    EDIT: Just found this article...
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