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    I have cnn as one of my bookmarks, visit it everyday. All of a sudden today the site looks different and I notice it's all european news. I click on sports and it's all soccer. Wth...
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    I'm sure someone will have a better answer, but I know I ran into this a lot with AT&T. What happens is the phone providers offload traffic to different DHCP servers and the websites pick up your IP's geolocation. You can try this yourself by going to and putting in your IP. It'll tell you where your IP is coming from (roughly, and not always correctly). So if, say Verizon, offloads your connection to a Canadian server, when the webpage checks what localized site you need, it'll think you need Canada's.
    It may seem odd that your connection would get pushed offshores, but if you consider our peak times are the middle of the night in parts of Europe, its better to load-balance against their servers than the US' all the time.
    Another possibility is the website is misreading your geolocation in general (like its not being reported) and they do a default.

    When I run into that, I just make sure I bookmark the country-specific site and override the website's guesses.

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