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    Yesterday I picked up my refurbished Pre. I had a power button issue. Anyway, my latest phone is acting strange. When I call people my caller ID shows up different on there phone. When people call me the wrong contact name will show up on my display.

    Even when I email. I forward an email to myself and type in my own email and after I am done it shows up as someone different in my contact list.

    Next I do a universal search for something like spelling the name Tom and the contact Wayne shows up as the result.

    I was getting some kind of message that GAL service is not available.

    Any ideas what might be wrong??
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    That is crazy. It sounds like the something is screwed up. Is the phone updaded to If not that may be a factor.

    *P.S. If it is running, you might be best served to return it and get another one.
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