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    Whenever I put "All Day" event on my Pre or Google Calendar it doesnt show up in a "block" form on my phone. All I get is a strip on the top with the event.

    When I look at a specific month the All Day event is not displayed.
    ANyone else have this problem. How Can I fix it?
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    its the way the phone is as far as i know...

    all day events are not shown in the calendar "month view", the month view only displays timed events and not whole day events...

    but you should be able to view your all day events on the "weekly view" as it will have a colored bar just below the date indicating the all day event (color depends on the account)

    dunno if there is a patch for it
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    Load UberCalendar from Preware to see all day events colored in the month view and show subjects in week view as well as other enhancements. Another trick is to create an event the lasts from 1:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M. this will show as a regular event that lasts all day
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