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    I'm been trying to install webosquick install,..,.. and turn on and off Dev Mod the last days without success.
    So I think to gave up for a while but then
    suddenly I notice my phone is nor working in network.

    In my Device Information it shows NO NUMBER! I had already removed and install SIM, Dev Mod On and Off,...

    so any help?
    and what if I press "Reset Options"? What will be the result of this?
    I use an unlocked phone.
    Also I thought it could be a problem with my carrier but when I put the SIM in another phone it works fine...
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    I cannot understand what's going on...

    I put my SIM in another phone. It works.
    I put another SIM in my Pre. It works.
    I put my SIM in my phone. It does not work! ???? SOS only.

    BTW even with the other SIM in my phone the number is not shown in my Device Information. I guess it was / is empty if is an ATT unlocked and so not a problem.
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    I'm trying to see if I understand you correctly. You're looking in device menu for your contacts! If so, phone numbers are not stored there. You should be looking in contacts. Developer mode isn't turn on and off by webosqi. You have to type in webos20090606 from keypad. It seems like the sim card is not fuctioning with the phone. Have you tried replacing it? Or take the phone in for repairs, and explain your problem to the store tech.

    Good Luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Some SIM cards show a telephone number in Device Info.
    Others don't. Don't really understand why this is cause for such a panicky thread.
    Or even a thread at all.

    Google would have reassured you in THREE seconds.
    he is correct the phone number does not have to show.the problem you have is why your sim card isn't working specifically in our pre.A restart in device info helps with most simple things like that.but definitely the number not showing ha no effect at all.take a deep breath and relax and restart and see if that helps otherwise did you do anything to your phone?
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    sorry I was in pannic! but not now...
    It seems to be a problem with my SIM or carrier. I discovered that if I setup to find manually a carrier network it finds mine and the phone works for one minute. I can call and receive calls but when it changes from E to 3G it stops working! Amazing. I will wait for the carrier call back. Thanks.

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