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    Well...have just back arrived in Australia from Germany...

    and have great news!

    I can purchase apps from the official app catalog thanks to Wirecard 2 Go Visa!!

    Thanks very much Frantid for the was a winner.

    And thanks also to the Wirecard rep who contacted me...

    fantastic service!

    She organised express post delivery of the cards that arrived within a day...just before I had to fly back.

    The cards are activated via a fairly simple process online.

    My last remaining challenge now with the card is to top it up with more came with 10 Euro....

    It looks like there is a secondary registration process with this in order to do this is another step I have to figure again I may have issues from an Australian bank account or Visa...

    Anyway I am very happy that I have the paid app catalog working...and Wirecard 2 Go Visa looks like a great solution for those of us in other countries...provided I can get more money onto it.

    It certainly did help though being in Germany to get it...and having great help from a Precentral member at Wirecard 2 Go! If she reads this...once again thank you so much!

    I'll post an update when I figure out how I go with "topping" up the card with money.
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    Congratulations! I think you should be able to wire transfer into it. I think it only likes credit cards from certain countries to add money, but a bank wire transfer should always work.
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    Thanks frantid,

    Well it turns out that there is a hitch with Wirecard 2 Go Visa...well not with the product I can't fault that....and I am still very grateful for their help...

    but it is just you actually cannot add currency to it from might work from other "Wirecard" friendly countries I don't know.

    The card certainly works fine..but they probably don't allow money to be added to it because they realise it worn't be accepted in Australia for normal transactions.

    I'll need to figure out something with my Uncle where he tops up the card and I reimburse him...that will work for me...but for others without contacts in the country it won't help much!

    The total summary of the situation is really Palm/HP need to get their international distributions sorted out...and remove the barriers that stop people buying their phones or paying developers.

    We as customers in countries like Australia that are massive adopters of latest gen gadgets should not have to fight all these sort of hurdles when we can just walk into the local phone shop and easily purchase all manner of iPhone/Android phones...which in fact is what the entire country is currently doing!!

    Smartphones are selling like absolute hot cakes here....iPhone and increasingly Android phones are being passionately consumed...and Palm/WebOS....well most of the country apart from the "Nerds" of the land would not even know there is such a thing...

    Tis a sad thing for the those of us who enjoyed the Palm products for many years. ..and when I myself find the phone is actually a great phone!
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    That is sad. Is there a way to transfer funds with paypal accounts? It's really strange you can't wire transfer. I've done it for friends and relatives to different countries, just had to stipulate the currency.
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    great job getting at least that far Mavoz. Like you said, smartphones are certainly moving off the shelves here in australia, and it seems a shame for palm to be invisible here (i think you can still get a treo pro from telstra... hah!). And yeah, it's sad that people think 'Palm?? Aren't they from the nineties?' it's like saying 'apple has a mobile device? yeah, the newton, right?'.

    Hope you're still loving the phone. I am ADDICTED to webos, and i can't wait to dump this nexus one (which is fine, really, but it's no pre) for the next webos phone.
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    Thanks guys...the issue with the payment side of things is you have to 'register' your payment method...(whether direct transfer, voucher, other visa etc.)...and so before you can even get to actual ways to top it up, it recognises you are in another country and blocks it....maybe if I'd completed this step in Germany it may have worked back here...but I doubt it...

    I should be fine because I'll get my Uncle to do it from his PC in Germany...

    but if you don't have an uncle in Germany you are in strife!

    So the easiest solutions are to wait for HP to bring out a Palm Web OS device here or migrate to this point I'm not sure which one will be more realistic!

    But yes...I am loving the phone...even the original is so useful...and frankly I think the networks or Palm or someone is nuts for not having made it available is no doubt better than MOST phones they are trying to sell to consumers here...

    if the logo had said "Apple" and not "Palm" it would have been a winner...
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    On topic of Palm getting additional global distribution channels, multiple HP spokespeople have stated that HP "is the channel" and "is present in every country it can legally be present in".

    While this could spell disaster for the fine Palm fans living in Antarctica or the Vatican, everyone else will probably be able to buy an official Palm Prime from their Australian / Indian / Kazakh supermarket.
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    G'day all from Australia.
    Sorry didn't mean to hyjack.
    Total newby to the forum and reading with interest Mavoz's troubles.
    I have just joined the boat with a brand new Pixi Plus from AT&T in the USA.
    I have been using Treo 650 and 680's for a few years now and love em, and thought i'll try a Pixi.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction in setting this thing up with Telstra.
    It's locked to AT&T, I rang them and was told it will be locked till 31 Dec 2010 due to there system over there, so i got a Rebelsim in the post today.
    That seems to have unlocked the phone, now showing Telstra Mobile in the corner, but i can't activate it because I can't connect to the web. It's asking for APN.
    I have tried telstra.iph also telstra.internet that i read in other posts but nothing works.
    Sorry to be long winded, just want to start using this new fangled bit of kit.
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    You don't need the rebel sim, use the nextgen unlock. Did you at least activate the phone in the USA?
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    G'day dbmgreen
    No i didn't activate the phone in USA, didn't realize i had to untill i got it home. It was brand new unopened, my son brought it back here to Australia after i bought it on eBay and posted to where he was staying.
    I'm looking into adjusting the carrier settings from this post ATM.
    Havn't done anything like this before, so i reading up first.
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    Thanks for that, i'll pm some of them to find out how they there's working.
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