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    I've searched and seen people with similar issues but never answered so I thought I'd see if anyone has ideas.
    Recently when I receive a text I get no kind of sound or vibrate on the pre. Neither vibrate or ring mode works. Vibration and sound works perfectly fine when I receive a call, it only occurs with texts. I don't have any sound/alert altering patches installed. I've done full and luna restarts, pulled battery. I'd rather not have to doctor everything.
    I have dropped the phone but I don't understand why only the alert notification will break.

    The setting in sounds and ringtones are setup properly. The screen still lights up when a text is received as it normally would, and the led still functions properly.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    You can close this thread. I removed the faster card animation patch and it fixed this issue. I don't understand why but ok lol.

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