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    You should of waited longer, maybe a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by krispy521 View Post
    People be smart when looking at **** on the toilet. This problem is only going to get worse when Flash comes.
    lol especially ''during working hours'' claims
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Cool, another case of insurance fraud advice.
    We seem to getting a lot of these lately!

    To anyone; do whatever you want with your Pre, be as stupid as you like, then take it back, lie through your teeth, and get it replaced free of charge.
    I didn't see this response... They stole from us, so why we can't do the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toejam1974 View Post
    Not to be completely off topic here, but I have seen a few people ask something like "What are you doing with your phone in the bathroom?"

    For me the answer is: Playing Jump O' Clock while I take care of business. Some games are just better on the throne.
    No kidding! I hate forgetting my phone when I have to use the bathroom. So boring.

    Quote Originally Posted by gold5225 View Post
    No Worries. I am all set. I popped my battery back in my phone after almost 20 hours of letting it sit in a glad like container with a fifth of it full of rice and I rested it upon my cable box figuring my extra heat would help. And what do you know. It now works. Speakers, Mic, keyboard, camera, everything. I am $600 dollars happy lol.
    Well that makes another success story.

    I have a friend who dropped her Pre in the toilet also. She put it in rice and in the fridge for a few days and it was good again. She had water in her screen also though, and it took a few more days for that to disappear. I made her not power the phone on until all the water in the screen was gone.
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    I dropped mine in Waldon Pond.

    I used damprid and an oven. Works like new.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    so..... 1 or 2? Lol
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    If it does not work after the rice bowl thing. Dissembling and placing the PCBs in rubbing alcohol for a couple of minutes then blow drying should get rid of stuff that is put in the water that could be shorting out internals. But if you removed the battery in the first couple of minutes then there will probably not be much need for this. There are multiple water indicators on the Pre some on the inside. I'm surprised someone actually got away with returning a water damaged phone that rep must have been in an awesome mood that day.
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    But nobody is addressing the actual concerning part here:

    You dropped it in a toilet and still put it up to your face???

    Anyways, on a more serious note, that is what a toilet lid is for.. Learn to use and love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurthornton View Post
    But nobody is addressing the actual concerning part here:

    You dropped it in a toilet and still put it up to your face???
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    I guess there really is a wrong way to hold a pre... the death grip strikes again.
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