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    Is it possible to hack a Palm Pre and make it work completely on the Sprint network. I had a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon and switched to a Samsung Moment on Sprint. I'm wondering if it's possible for me to somehow hack the WebOS and enter in my Sprint id#'s and use the Palm instead.

    Any ideas?
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    People have been trying to adapt winmo phones to sprint from other carriers for ages and have little to no success. I doubt that a pre would be any easier. Part of the reason is the meid of your pre isn't in the sprint system if it's a pre plus. And Spint will not add meid's.
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    look where you're at right now... you're in good hands on this website, i can assure you. these guys will figure something out sooner or later... most likely sooner.
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    There was another thread where a guy claimed he doctored a Pre+ with Sprint's OS, then called Sprint advanced tech support, and had the ESN added to their database to get it to work on Sprint's system.

    I really saw no reason to doubt the guy's information. Think about it, Sprint doesn't give a rip about phones, they want folks to use them as a carrier. If you can get your own Verizon phone, and pay Sprint for their services, why should they care where you got the phone?

    Here's the link, see what you can do, and let us know if it works for you.
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    I have a pre plus i was able to activate on sprint i doctored my pre with the sprint rom and called level 2 tech and they activated it for me....

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